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Anti abortion sentiment on the rise in the United Kingdom


Surprisingly, this shift is primarily among the youth and university age people.

In November of 2013 was held the first pro-life student conference at an English university. This conference was held because of growing belief in the subject, and thus the demand for such an event. Groups such as Oxford Students for Life has also been on the rise.

This rise in pro-life sentiment is also interestingly not isolated to the right. Members of both the political right and the political left are taking interest in the subject.

Daniel Hitchens, the author of an article on Spectator:

“My own [pro-life] convictions aren’t products of a left-wing or right-wing worldview; it’s just that I’ve never been able to shake the idea that each abortion is a death.”

England and Wales alone face 180.000 abortions every year, a stunning half of what the United Kingdom imports in immigration. Not only that, but these abortions singlehandedly reduce the United Kingdom’s birthrates into the negatives (see bottom for calculations).

Mr. Hitchens:

“Some say that human beings only start having rights at 20 to 24 weeks, or at birth, or at some point in childhood; all these seem to me far less persuasive than assuming that at conception, this new, unique being with its own genetic makeup is one of us.

“Those headlines are also a reminder that the abortion issue affects women far more than men. I hesitate to talk about it at all; I’m not sure I could if I hadn’t been encouraged to do so by friends who have themselves had abortions. In any case, pro-life activism should be about offering women better support; it should have nothing to do with pronouncing judgment on them. It is not even necessarily about demanding specific changes in the law. It is about suggesting that our society, which has at times explained away the rights of one group or another — religious minorities, slaves, women — is now doing the same for the very young and the very small.”

Abortion is a devastating factor on the population of England and Wales, but also all of Europe. Since no government in the world has put in places measures to economically encourage reproduction, that means that our evolutionary instincts are the only factor creating population growth. Allowing abortion was an irresponsible and effectively genocidal decision.

Though not the only cause of low birthrates, abortion must take its fair share of blame. Its prohibition would raise European birthrates to above replacement levels.

Sources: Spectator, World Bank

180.000 abortions per year
population of England + Wales = 56.000.000
180.000 / 56.000.000 * 100 = ,3%
With a birthrate of 0 births per woman, average lifespan of 80 years means that every year, 1/80th of the population will die, thus
0,0 births per woman = -1,25%
Replacement levels:
2,1 births per woman = 0,0%
Present birthrates in the UK:
1,9 births per woman
That’s .2 births per woman below replacement.
,2 / 2,1 = ,1
,1 * -1,25% = -,13%
therefore: 1,9 births per woman translates into -,13% population change per year
-,13% + ,3% lost through abortions = +,17% population change per year

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