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Danish politicians mock Sweden’s introduction of dark plasters

those racist danes

Denmark and Sweden have long since feuded over their different views on race issues.

Recently, after a Marxist blogger in Sweden brought up that plasters in Sweden were only offered in light colours, suggesting that that may make those in Sweden with the misfortune of being the targets of systematic repression feel uncomfortable, the Swedish pharmacy Apoteket has been scrambling hysterically to right their racist wrongs, and introduce darker plasters to suit the skin colour of the poor muffins who are triggered by the culture of their host country.

People of all sorts in other countries are laughing at Sweden, and quite rightfully. Two high ranking politicians in Denmark have mocked their next door neighbour.

Kristian Jensen, the Danish Foreign Minister, posted to facebook, alongside a link to Sweden’s nonsensical shenanigans:

“I’m once again happy that I don’t live in Sweden…”

Ellen Trane Nørby, the Danish Minister for Children’s Affairs and Education, referenced a similar event months before, in which Sweden banned popular children’s show Pippi Longstocking for the show’s apparent intrinsic racism. She said on facebook:

“Who in the world seriously believes that Pippi’s monkey is an affront to people from other parts of the world or that white bandages and plaster are made to annoy people who have darker skin?”

Butthurt Swedish politicians have of course gotten upset over their neighbours’ mockery. Margot Wallström, Jensen’s Swedish counterpart has denounced Jensen’s statement and asked for an apology. He said about his Danish counterpart, “I am sure he will learn.”

Jensen replied:

“I'm happy to live in a country where we debate more important things than the colours of a plaster."

This is not the first time the two countries have feuded over the subject of immigration. Denmark has long since made fun of Sweden for their delirious and undemocratic censoring of ideological opposition. Several months ago, a toy company in Denmark published a catalogue, which Sweden claimed did not include enough racial minority children in its images.

Denmark and Sweden have open borders with each other, and a bridge connecting the two countries, allowing anyone, including endless swarms of refugees, the ability to walk from Sweden to Denmark without any resistance. It would not be a surprise if Denmark already regrets this.

Source: The Local, TEG

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