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Gang rape outside of Church in Sweden


A woman born in 1987 was on Wednesday night gang raped outside a Church in the Karlstad, Sweden.

According to the victim four men attacked her on Wednesday night says Jonny Thomann from the Police district of Värmland. No perpetrators have yet been apprehended and police are now asking the public to report anything they might have seen that could help with the investigation. Due to what most likely are politically correct principles the police refuse to provide any description of the men involved.

“We do have some descriptions of the perpetrators but we do not want to release that information”

They are however interested if anyone has seen something that might be of interest around Thursday 2 AM.

From: Fria Tider

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  • Guest - Don

    To any sane person, bringing Third World Savages into a civilized nation such as Sweden is a definite no-no! Especially one that has as many beautiful babes as that country does. Not to Swedish lawmakers, though! Those multi-cultural Donkeys think it's a wonderful idea to inflict hordes of Invaders upon their people, and if Swedish women have to pay the price for that, well. . .so be it.

    Isn't Diversity wonderful?!

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