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Orban the Great: Leader of Europe's Nationalist Resistance


Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has emerged from Europe's "migrant crisis" as the vanguard of Europe's Nationalist resistance to this massive, unrelenting Islamic invasion.

While "leaders" of other European nations have stuck to the politically-correct script crafted for them by the treacherous European (and international) elite, Orban has "flipped the script" and been forthright as to the true nature of this manufactured crisis.

As many on the alternative right, the New Right, have speculated for months, Mr. Orban has revealed that the "migrant crisis" is nothing more than a deliberate project, spawned by the subversive left-wing "leaders" within Europe, intended to destroy the nation-states of Europe. 

Furthermore, Orban has candidly exposed the perpetrators of this criminal conspiracy for what they are: traitors.

In his own words:

"What we face is nothing less than the challenge of finding ourselves at the gateway to the implementation of a deliberate conceptual project, which could be described as left-wing and which seeks to marginalize the nation-states of Europe."
"We must ask this question, the number one question of democracy: By whom and on what authority were European leaders tasked with not only admitting, but transporting to the European continent hundreds of thousands of people from groups outside of European culture, so that little by little our European cultural identity will be called into question?In opposition to this conspiracy and treason, we must turn to democracy, we must turn to the people."

In addition to these statements, Mr. Orban has stated what many in Europe know to be true, yet fear to state publicly: that the leftists who are forcing wave after wave of mass third-world immigration into European lands are waging ethnic warfare against the peoples of Europe. 

Indeed, Orban has publicly declared that:

"Where this project has failed to overcome Christianity and the identity of the nation-state in conventional political struggle, it will strive to eliminate it on ethnic grounds. This is the sad truth. This is betrayal. Ladies and gentlemen, Europe has been betrayed! And if we do not stand up for it, this Europe will be taken away from us."

Thanks to the bold and courageous stand that Orban has taken on behalf of the peoples of Europe, more and more Europeans are waking up each day to the fact that their cultures, nations, and genetic heritage are under attack, as this sinister plot to undermine the cultural and ethnic integrity of the nation-states of Europe is reaching its latter stages. 


In my view, Prime Minister Orban is a revolutionary. I believe this to be true for two primary reasons:

1) He unapologetically speaks the truth, while his fellow "leaders" in Europe conform to politically-correct speech codes, decieving and misleading the citizens of Europe. And as George Orwell put it, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Orban has repeatedly spoken the cold, hard truth, while other European leaders have attempted to pacify the people, trying to convince them that the rapid demographic shifts taking place are natural and that this "New Europe", this "diverse" monstrosity, should be embraced with open arms. 

They expect Europeans to passively embrace their dispossession, to simply hand over their lands to the foreign hordes who have been imported into Europe to replace them.


2) Orban has unabashedly stated the most important fact of all, a fact that no other leader in Europe has had the guts to utter: that Europe should be preserved for Europeans.  Within the context of today's politically-correct environment, stating this eternal truth is nothing short of revolutionary.

By stating that Europe should be reserved strictly for European people, Orban has broken ranks with Europe's political elite, who are attempting to turn Europe into a multi-ethnic, multicultural mass of obedient consumer units and tax units, lacking a unified national identity, culture, and value system. 

This will create a perpetually dysfunctional, chaotic, and hostile social environment, which will allow the elite to easily control the divided masses. This Machiavellian strategy is referred to as 'divide and rule', and it one of the oldest political tricks in the books.

In a sane world, stating that the European continent should be for Europeans wouldn't be controversial in the least.  

But we are not living in a sane world. We are living in a dystopian society that has been crafted by so-called "liberals" who have restructured Western Civilization on the basis of pie-in-the-sky social theories that have no rational basis.


These authoritarian "liberals" tell us that diversity is a strength. They tell us that indiscriminately accepting incompatible cultural and racial groups into our nations in massive numbers will create a harmonious multicultural society. They tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. They tell us that it is racist to state that Italy is for the Italians or that Germany is for the Germans.

Simply put, their policies are the product of emotion-based reasoning, devoid of any semblance of logic.

And whether they realize it or not, these "liberals" are creating social conditions that will inevitably lead to discord, discontent, Balkanization, and quite possibly, civil war.

Fortunately, it appears that the "day of reckoning" is fast approaching, and it is likely that those responsible for the debasement of Europe will be tried for treason.

Those who are mobilizing in the defense of Europe must make it perfectly clear to those who oppose us: Europe is for Europeans. Period. This fact is not negotiable and there will be no compromise regarding this matter. 

And anyone who opposes this statement shall be declared a mortal enemy of the European peoples and will be treated as such.



Viktor Orban, who I refer to as "Orban the Great" has stepped up to the plate to defend Europe, our sacred homeland, from the nefarious forces seeking to displace us.

Of course, there are many others who are also taking up this vitally important task of defending Europe, such as Marine Le Pen, Matteo Salvini, and those involved in the PEGIDA movement.


But Mr. Orban's actions are especially notable due to his ability to reach a large audience as a sitting Prime Minister, as well as his position within the European People's Party in the EU parliament.

Knowing full well that he would be at the recieving end of an endless barrage of libel, slander, and character assassination at the hands of the scoundrels that make up the European left and their lapdogs within the mass media, Orban courageously took a principled stand against this invasion that threatens the existence of Europe and the peoples she has cultivated throughout millenia.

But Orban's brave actions are not surprising, given the fact that he has a history of resisting the authoritarian left, namely his days as an anti-communist dissident in Soviet-controlled Hungary in the 1980's. 

It is imperative that Europeans heed Orban's numerous warnings about the dangerous situation that Europe finds itself in. Such warnings include:

"A mass migration is taking place around the globe that could change the face of European civilization. If that happens, that is irreversible."
"There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to the world of national cultures. If we make a mistake now, it will be forever."

We all know what the liberals, progressives, Socialists, Communists, fellow-travelers, and other segments of the political left have in store for us: more diversity, more multiculturalism, more Islam, and the erosion of our cultures and identities.


These people should not just be considered political opponents, they should be considered enemies of our race and our civilization. 

I'll put it this way: friends don't dump masses of Somalians, Syrians, Eritreans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, and Afghans into your community, and then label you a "Nazi" or a "racist" for opposing such radical and extreme actions. 

Friends don't deny your group interests, while perpetually agitating to further the interests of outsiders, at the expense of your group. 

Friends don't facilitate illegal invasions of your territory, funded by your tax dollars, then label you "far-right" and "fascist" for suggesting that border controls should be implemented to prevent illegal immigrants from entering your nation. 

Again, these devious leftists are not our friends, they are our enemies. They are seeking to eliminate us, replacing us within our own homelands with Muslims from the most primitive and barbaric corners of the globe.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. No longer will we allow vocal minorities to dictate to us how we should think or how we should act. We dictate the terms. We make the rules. We are the masters of our nations, not these internationalist traitors and the foreign hordes they have brought into our lands.  


Remember, our homelands are our most sacred possessions. We must not passively surrender and accept the conditions our enemies seek to impose on us: mass immigration, forced multiculturalism, forced integration, the sacrifice of our own group interests in favor of hostile minority groups who politically align with our enemies, and minority status within the territories our ancestors shed blood to bequeath us.

We do not have to explain our motives or actions to anybody. Our lands are being invaded, our women are being raped and violated, and our children and elderly can no longer walk the streets in safety.

Sons of Europe, prepare to defend the homeland against this endless horde of illegal invaders and the leftists who sponsor them. We must reclaim our territories and the control of our nations by any means necessary.

In closing, I would like to leave my readers with a message from Viktor Orban:

"Let’s be determined, let’s defend Europe. Do not let the leftists mess up and reconstruct Europe! And do not let them oust the soul of Europe! Do not let liberals and Socialists take away Europe from the people!"


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A.J. Washington

"I am a son of the West, therefore I stand on the soldiers of giants such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Martin Luther. It is in the honor and memory of men such as these that I dedicate my work."

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    Brilliant article exposing the treachery of Western politicians,led by the evil Frau Merkel, who want to destroy White, Christian Europe, and turn it into an Islamic Cesspool. It cannot be allowed to happen! Europeans must stop being obedient weaklings, but rise up and destroy the EU with its despicable traitors. Arrest the whole subversive lot and punish them harshly. Save Europe!

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