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Amateur migrant crisis documentary goes viral


A new European nationalist documentary is becoming viral on YouTube with not just the nationalist-right community, but also popular and influential news blogs in Europe.


The video was talked about favorably on geenstijl.nl, one of the most widely read Dutch news blogs. This website has contributed to the resignation of several Dutch politicians, and has a very large following. Garnering over 150,000 views in less than a single day, it is safe to say that the number will continue to grow rapidly unless YouTube decides to shut it down, as it has in the past for non-PC type videos. Luckily there are already numerous mirrors of the documentary up. I recommend taking a look.

Hopefully videos like these will gain more attention from news platforms, so more and more light can be shed on the issues of the migrant crisis, and the destruction of Europe. Europeans are able see the destruction in their own eyes as well as around the continent. As their eyes might believe they have witness a “rare” occurrence, these videos provide the truth of how many are truly not refugees. Watching these videos many times, it hopefully encourages more to act and protect Europe. We will not let the media control us.






Source: geenstijl.nlBreibart

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