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Czech Nationalists March on Government Headquarters

Following a series of dozens of rallies protesting the importation of the Islamic hordes into the Czech Republic and Europe, thousands of Czech Nationalists marched on government headquarters yesterday and demanded the resignation of the left-wing government.

This demand was prompted by the fact that the leftists representing the ruling Czech Social Democratic Party have ignored the will of the people and have accepted the European Union scheme to spread 120,000 "refugees" throughout EU member-states, despite the Czech people's disagreement with this policy.

The rallies were organized by the Bloc Against Islam movement, which opposes the acceptance of "Merkel's Migrants" into the Czech Republic, and whose supporters are calling for the complete removal of all Muslims from Czech lands.


Czech President Milos Zeman, unaffiliated with the ruling CSSD, spoke at a rally in Prague, and made a number of "controversial" statements in defense of his nation and those who oppose the presence of Islam in the Czech Republic.
Zeman stated that those opposed to Islam and migrants should not be branded "Islamophobic", "racist", or "fascist".

And in a rebuke to the undemocratic and increasingly authoritarian European Union, he also declared that no outsiders will be able to dictate to the Czech people what they should or should not do, and accused the mainstream media of "massaging" the (manufactured) migrant crisis for their own ends. 

Supporters of Zeman held banners portraying Angela Merkel, a bona fide traitor to the peoples of Europe, inside a prison cell, and expressed support for PEGIDA, the German resistance movement fighting against the Islamisation of Europe.


These developments are not surprising, as 70% of Czech citizens are opposed to the arrival of "migrants" into their nation.

I believe that the actions of the Czech Nationalists should serve as an example to all European nations who currently find themselves trapped in governments who betray them and force them to accept illegal Muslim invaders in their territories. 

Indeed, it would be prudent for the peoples of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, etc. to follow the Czech example and march on government headquarters and demand their immediate resignation.


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