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The latest flare up between North and South leaves no mark other than the occasional Telegraph writer who claims that things could go nuclear.

Red Cross teaching Hamas international law

The International Committee of the Red Cross is teaching terrorist organisation Hamas international law, such as the Geneva Conventions, in an effort to improve the terrorists’ public image.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to apologize for WWII actions

Seventy years after the end of the Second World War, Japan’s Prime Minister will apologize. Despite being one of many Japanese figures of authority to do so, it has been suggested that it may still offend China and South Korea.

China’s efforts may not be enough to prevent the rise of Islam

China is the only country in the modern day to take a hard stand against the spread of Islam.

China passes New Policies to Push Out Muslims

The Chinese have enacted new policies in order to thwart out the Islamic populations, by enforcing new laws such as forcing the sale of alcohol and cigarettes in the Xinjiang region.

Iranian website releases anti-arab videogame

An Iranian video game website has released a new free game called “Beat the Arab”. The anti-Arab video game has caused quite a stir in the region.
The international Zionist-plutocracy is facing an existential crisis: Egypt stands poised to throw off the yoke of the global Zionist power-structure. The rank hypocrisy is there now - out in the open - for all the world to see. And indeed, the world sees America for the bullying tyrant that it is; the Egyptian People have risen en masse, for freedom, for self-determination, for their human rights - and America has chosen to side with the tyrannical dictatorship of Mubarak, the palace lackey par excellence.
A recent editorial in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn reveals much about Pakistani involvement in the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008 that took 166 lives.

Bitcoin fraudster arrested in Japan

The CEO of the former bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox Mark Karpelès has been arrested in Japan on the suspicion of having defrauded 850.000 bitcoins from Mt.Gox’s former customers.

Mugabe begs whites to return to Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe led by the President Robert Mugabe now says that it wishes to see the return of white farmers. The country’s economy lies in ruins after white farmers were subjected to years of government sanctioned harassment.
Alongside a continuing military conflict against the Kurds, Erdogan has begun air operations against the insurgent faction, now a common foe.

Christians in Middle East being slaughtered out of existence

Though born in the Middle East, Christianity faces its ultimate purge from the region, its followers faced with the risk of massacre at every step.

Clergy of Georgia asking to Ban Western Influence

Tbilisi Churches held peaceful rallies in front of the International Transparency of Georgia, due to western funded organizations that are promoting the legalization of lechery.
According to NATO, Russian troops rehearsed how to invade four regional neighbours. NATO as well practiced on European soil - with Russia as enemy. Will the hounds of war be released soon?
Recently made spokesperson for the Afrikaner Nasionaal Front party in the UK after his expulsion from UKIP, Mr. Sen has quickly begun bringing the issues of South Africa to the United Kingdom.

America is not the greatest country in the world anymore

Americentrism is a continuing trend in the United States, as many of its ethnic Europeans believe that their country is ideal, while Europe is irrelevant.
Hedva Eyal, an Israeli, recently wrote a report revealing the extent of racially fueled eugenics within Israel, in the process showing how the State of Israel discriminates based on ethnicity even within the Jewish race.
The video below was released on june 25, 2015 by Jaysh al-Islam, only a few hours after ISIS released a video where they behead 12 Jaysh al-Islam Fighters near Damascus.
The hashtag #LoveWins gained popularity as gay marriage was officially approved in the USA. Now islamic group ISIS raids the hashtag, publishes pictures of killing gays. No SJW #outcry so far.

ISIS Challenges the World

The ambitions of the Islamic State are out of control, as the faction declares war on everything from countries, to religions, to corporations.