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Nationalism Rising: Denmark Shifts to the Right

Danish Flag

Europe's Socialist (Marxist) establishment has suffered yet another setback, as last week's election in Denmark resulted in the collapse of the ruling leftist government.

Further, the Nationalist Danish People's Party, by securing 21.2% of the vote, has supplanted the "center-right" Liberal Party as the top right-wing party in Denmark.

Not surprisingly, the controlled (Marxist) media has lamented the rise of "far-right" Nationalism in Denmark, as well as the Scandinavian region as a whole, which has historically been a bastion of what the agents of misinformation in the press call "Social Democracy".

The Financial Times, a shameless tool of international finance, has featured an article titled Danish Election Hastens the Demise of Scandinavia's Social Democracy, stating that "Nordic social democracy is in crisis".

Britain's "progressive" media outlet, The Guardian, has remarked that Denmark has become the latest European nation to experience a surge in "right-wing" populism.

The Irish Times, Ireland's far-left rag, has also gotten into the act, featuring an article titled Election in Denmark: Right is Rampant.

Perusing these controlled leftist/internationalist news outlets in the wake of the Danish election has been quite satisfying, as it appears that the once-mighty Marxist establishment is finally beginning to comprehend the implications of Europe's changing political landscape. 

Far Right Turn

These subversive leftist traitors are now completely aware that their most potent enemy, European Nationalism, is going to take the continent by storm and root out all of those responsible for the current state of affairs. 

Indeed, the left's fear-mongering in regards to the rise of the Danish People's Party reflects their panicked state.

You see, the Danish People's Party stands for everything that the subversive left hates and is attempting to destroy: culture, the nation-state, and the family.

By promoting Danish culture, strong families, and the fact that Denmark is a homeland for the Danish peoples, the Danish People's Party has earned the title of "far-right" from the European left and international media outlets. 

Instead of taking the leftists and globalists at their word, I implore all of my readers to review the party program of the Danish People's Party, which I will be discussing in the following section. 

That way, you can get an idea of what the left considers "far-right" politics.

The Party Program of the Danish People's Party

The Danish People's Party program states that "the essence of our program is a warm and strong love of our country." The program also states:

"In the Danish People's Party we are proud of Denmark; we love our country and we feel a historic obligation to protect our country, its people and the Danish cultural heritage. This sense of obligation implies the need for a strong national defense, and secure and safe national borders. Only in a free Denmark can the country develop according to the will of the people."

The party program also specifically states the aim of the party, which is to "assert Denmark's independence, to guarantee the freedom of the Danish people in their own country, and to preserve and promote representative government and the monarchy."

Denmark Coat of Arms

Regarding Danish culture, the party program states:

"The country is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish culture must be preserved and strengthened. This culture consists of the sum of the Danish people's history, experience, beliefs, language and customs. Preservation and further development of this culture is crucial to the country's survival as a free and enlightened society. Therefore we wish to see action on a broad front to strengthen the Danish national heritage everywhere. Outside Denmark's borders we would like to give financial, political and moral support to Danish minorities.

Traditional Danish Dancers

Regarding immigration, the party program states:

"Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multi-ethnic society. Denmark belongs to the Danes and its citizens must be able to live in a secure community founded on the rule of law, which develops along the lines of Danish culture."

 And regarding family:

"The family is the heart of Danish society. Denmark depends on the conditions families are offered. The ties of intimacy between husband and wife and children and parents are the pillars of Danish society and of great importance for the future of the country. Therefore, families must be guaranteed the best possible preconditions."

As you can see, the Danish People's Party's program is diametrically opposed to the left's standard program of undermining the family, national demoralization, population replacement, and the replacement of national culture with multiculturalism.

As such, the Danish People's Party has been labeled "far-right", "racist", "xenophobic", and other weaponized words that the authoritarian left utilizes to tarnish the image of individuals and organizations that they do not agree with.

Despite being branded with such labels, the Danish People's Party has managed to become Denmark's second-largest party, a mere five percentage points behind the historically dominant Social Democrats.

Make no mistake about it, Danish Nationalism is rising, just as Nationalism is rising all across Europe. 

As Italy's Nationalist leader Matteo Salvini has stated: we are coming.  


As I have consistently reiterated, the European left is in a dramatic state of collapse, while European Nationalists are rapidly ascending throughout the continent.

Europeans will no longer be held captive to the politics of guilt, shame, humiliation, and unconstrained globalization.

Europeans will no longer stay silent as their communities are "fundamentally transformed" into third-world social jungles, characterized by violent crime, Islamic extremism, and chaos. 

Europeans will no longer tolerate the fact that the left's uninvited army of foreigners are raping European women at alarming levels, while the controlled lugenpresse censors these crimes so as to keep native Europeans in the dark about this phenomenon.  

Danish Girl Beaten by Immigrants

Europeans will no longer tolerate the presence of jihadists in their midst. They will also not tolerate any more terrorist attacks on European soil. If the violent Islamic invaders decide to carry out such an attack, they better be prepared for total war against the fiercest warriors ever to walk this earth. 

Indeed, the deluded and demented Marxist politics of the 68ers' generation is no longer relevant. The utopian fantasies promoted by the 68ers are crumbling right before their very eyes. 

Regardless of what the left wants us to believe, Europe is not a "global village" or a mixed-up amalgamation of cultures and peoples.

Europe is for Europeans. Period. This fact is not negotiable and we do not need to justify this fact to anybody. Those who seek to undermine this central principle should also be prepared for total war. Our land is our most sacred possession and it will be defended at all costs, no matter the circumstances. 

The Islamic/African invaders who are attempting to colonize Europe should heed the warnings of the Iron Legion Movement:

"Every day more eyes begin to turn to the Muslim community in Europe. There’s not many of you. You’re outnumbered and surrounded. You are not very popular and there is little will among the police to keep protecting you."

"Muslims, your time is nearly up. We are the Europeans. We are the sons of Charlemagne. We traveled the world. We conquered, enslaved and built empires. Everyone that opposes us ends up as dust. We have detonated atomic bombs and burned cities to the ground to fix problems. You are just a problem. But not a very complex one. Being a moderate won’t save you. Unless you find a better argument you had better leave town."    

Once the floodgates open and the Nationalist steamroller is finally unleashed, the Muslim colonizers and the Marxists who brought them to Europe (without ever consulting the people) better head for the hills. 

Traitors must be forced to face the consequences of their actions, and an example must be made of them in order to deter future generations of leaders from ever considering treasonous actions. 

It is only a matter of time until those who have deceived, manipulated, and betrayed the European people receive their comeuppance.

The spirit of 1848 is in the air, not only in Denmark, but all across Europe. The European Spring is approaching. The forces of Nationalism and patriotism will overcome the sinister forces of internationalism, liberalism, Marxism, and all others who stand in our way.

Again, Europe is for Europeans. Just as Japan is for the Japanese or Tibet is for the Tibetans. Nothing can change this fact. Therefore, all hostile aliens currently occupying European lands should exit immediately, or else you will be forced to leave.

Slovakia Protest

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"I am a son of the West, therefore I stand on the soldiers of giants such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Martin Luther. It is in the honor and memory of men such as these that I dedicate my work."

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    Great news. Let's hope that Denmark's return to sanity will spread through Scandinavia and then the rest of Europe.

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