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David Cameron dismisses 4 million voters - No new UKIP members in House of Lords until 2020

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Prime Minister said he will consider new Ukip peers only “over the course of the parliament” – despite a long push by the Eurosceptic party to be better represented in the chamber due to its 4 million voters

Ukip picked up almost four million votes at May's General Election yet is only represented by three peers, in contrast the Liberal Democrats, which won just 2.4million votes, is likely to add to its 102 peers in the next few weeks.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, one of UKIP’s three slammed the move, saying:

"I can think of a number of real people from Ukip who would contribute a lot more to working at the Lords."

Former Lib Dem MPs likely to join the Upper House include former leader Sir Menzies Campbell and former MP Sir Alan Beith.

According to The Express, UK, Lord Pearson added:

"The coalition's policy – to which the coalition signed up but failed to execute – was to appoint peers according to the votes cast in the previous General Election."

"This was not a good policy because one of the strengths of the Lords was that it did not reflect the composition of the Commons, but the present situation is obviously wrong."

He said Nigel Farage's party was "cheated" by the system, while the SNP – which has 56 MPs but won just 1.5million votes – was "over-rewarded".


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