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New Venetian Mayor Bans Books on Homosexuality in School

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Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro bans a total of 49 books that are about homosexuality and discrimination from schools.

These books banned include children’s books that biologically teach children wrong. One of these books include the French book titled “Jean Has Two Mums”, which is about a cub being born into family that has two mothers which is absurd.

Of course the mayor has faced heavy criticism for this decision, but it was clearly stated as one of his campaign promises. Luigi also clearly states he will “not be intimidated” and that "parents need to educate their children on these things, not schools."

Authorities in Venice have been collecting these books, and then verifying if they’re suitable for children to read. Books that deal with religious, racial, or disability-related discrimination are also on the collection list for analysis, but is reportedly to be returned at some point. All books on homosexuality will be banned, indefinitely.
The Mayor called previous administrations “culturally arrogant”, for allowing these books in school and not seeking the opinion of families first.

Any type of same-sex union, whether civil partnership or full marriage, is not recognised in Italy. These books in the schools shouldn’t of been allowed in the first place on Italy’s stance on marriage. These books, and further pushes on homosexuality are seen as a threat on Italian culture.

But the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi doesn’t agree with his own culture and supports gay marriage, therefore Italy's senate is currently trying to pass a bill that will allow same-sex partnerships by the end of July.

If the allowance of same-sex partnerships passes, Venice’s population can dramatically drop even further. The fixed population in the past 30 years has been cut in half due to corrupt officials, mass tourism, and soaring property prices.

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  • Guest - Terry

    "These books in the schools shouldn’t of been allowed in the first place on Italy’s stance on marriage."
    If you're going to write a blog or news articles for the world to see, please become literate before doing so. I want to BLUDGEON people who use "should OF." It's should HAVE." And then you say "...on Italy's stance on marriage." This makes no sense. Try again.

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