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Muslims in German federal state North Rhine Westfalia demand separate nursing home for Muslim elderly people

Muslime altenheim

"Stay away from the qufars!" In South Africa such demands were called Apartheid. If Muslims demand such a segregation, it's called 'tolerance' and 'integration'.

The federal State North Rhine Westfalia, part of Germany, is known for its post industrial decline. Together with the problems of diminishing industries and jobs in steel and coal industry, high percentage of turkish Muslim immigrants more and more shape (or better: deform) the former flourishing federal state.

And together with Muslims on the rise, their demands steadily rise. To the latest addition to the continuously increasing row of wishes, now a new one is added: The demand for special nursery homes for elderly Muslims.

The demands were made by an organization called DITIB. The new DITIB demands to establish segregated nursery homes for elderly Muslims, mostly turks.

And of course, the state has to pay for all costs, according to the DITIB proposal. Where Christian based communities fund themselves, Muslims simply demand welfare benefits. So, nothing new here.

Apartheid demands by turkish Muslim radical organization

In some federal states, the DITIB affiliate Milli Gorus is still under investigation for seditious activities and strong ties to the ISIS terror group (link4). In other German federal states, however, the same group is actively participating in local politics.

The Turkish minister Erdogan several times openly declared DITIB as Turkish Muslim outpost for the conquering of the western world.

And that organization now wants to establish South African-like apartheid rules, this time with Turkish Muslims as new Overlords.

Another example for such segregational demands are the many times, where Muslim communities demanded (not wished for, but demanded) separate opening times for Muslims for publicly financed baths.

It is astonishing, how these openly Muslim-uttered racist demands are downplayed by leftist and even extenuated by using euphemisms like 'integration' and the need for 'tolerance' towards such ridiculous demands.

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