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The Celtic people's Party of Ireland (CPPI)

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As part of our investigations and promotions of Nationalist and patriotic parties across Europe we have spoken to The Celtic people's Party of Ireland (CPPI) on their thoughts and views on Ireland and it’s political landscape.

We will be meeting with other Irish parties and organisations as a part of this effort and would welcome our readers who may head such organisations, either in North America or Europe to get in touch with us.

The Celtic People's Party of Ireland was founded on the 2nd of January 2015 and Tony O'Neill is it's leader. We stand for the protection of our Celtic people, culture and country from the twin evils of the organised mass invasion from the Third World and also from international bankster debt.

1) What are your goals for Ireland should you be

Our goals, once elected, will be:
1. Take back control of our borders.
2. Deport ALL illegal aliens forthwith.
3. Initiate a dual money system where we use our own debt free Punt for all local transactions and Euro for some of our foreign transactions. We will also aggressively pursue a policy of international barter for goods.
4. Establish a Celtic cultural revival on our island where our culture will be celebrated and promoted.
5. We will use our world-wide embassy network to encourage the return of our Celtic emigrants so that they can help to build up our country into a powerhouse along the lines of Germany.
6. We will abolish all forms of taxation on local transactions and on labour. We will also abolish all punitive fines and will replace the current "justice" system with a system of Common Law.

2) What are your thoughts on immigration?

The Celtic People's Party of Ireland take the view that mass immigration will ultimately destroy our people ( through race mixing ), our culture ( though it's dilution by the ever increasing presence of foreign cultures ) and our country ( from the massive increase in liability for social welfare and health services to immigrants and crime ). We already have 350,000 of our people unemployed. 78,000 of our people leave our country every year to find work therefore it makes absolutely no sense to import more labour. Currently 20% of our prison population is made up of foreign nationals so clearly the program of forced mass immigration has been of no benefit to our people.

3) How would you plan to tackle organised crime

We will tackle organised crime in the same way we will tackle of forms of crime. Because we will print our own debt free currency we will be able to not only properly fund our existing police force and provide them with the best of technology and equipment, but will be able to greatly expand the force so that it is in a fit state to respond to the crimes committed in our country. Freed up from money gathering duties like stopping motorist for car tax ( which of course will be abolished anyway ) our police will be able to concentrate on what they joined the force to do - namely to fight crime. We will also overhaul the levels of punishment for specific crimes and every prisoner will be made to work for their upkeep in our prisons.

4) In the last few years many governments have been
chasing whistle blowers as well as making laws
which aim to limit freedom of speech what are your
views on this?

Only a government afraid of it's people would implement such agendas. Since every "western" style government in the world is now actively working to destroy their people through mass invasion and limitless international bankster debt, it is no surprise that they fear the wrath of their people and wish to impose ever greater control by the use of draconian laws and methods. The Celtic People's Party of Ireland will not follow this path. With the revival of our people, culture and country as outlined above, we will have no need to fear our people. We will be appreciated by them in a way not known by any other government in Europe for many decades now.

5) How would you plan to care for the vulnerable of
society, the homeless, the sick, and the elderly?

Since we will print our own debt free currency we will be able to afford to pay an entire army of our people to look after the vulnerable in our society. The homeless will be given homes built by our newly hired army of professional builders. The sick will be properly cared for in properly funded hospitals by our own properly trained health workers. Our elderly will be properly appreciated and looked after in a similar fashion. None of our people will be neglected. This is an important aspect of the revival of our people: everyone will feel that they have a role to play in the improvement of our country.

6) How do you propose to get Ireland back to work?

On being voted into office we will mobilise all of our unemployed people and place them in suitable jobs aimed at building up our country. This will range from looking after the elderly to repairing roads to building up our fishing fleet to protecting the 50 mile fishing limit all around our coasts etc. Our farmers will be freed from EU dictate so that they can produce high quality food for our people and for export. We will pay our people a proper wage for work done with which they will be able to buy high quality, affordable houses produced by our hugely expanded program of construction around the country. Amongst many other projects we will reactivate our once thriving motor industry and will develop our own cars and other vehicles so that we can dramatically reduce our dependency on foreign made vehicles. Our public transport system will greatly expanded so that people do not have to use private transport to travel around the country.

7) What is your view of the EU? would you be willing
to leave it if it meant great autonomy? how would
you go about it?

We take the view that in it's present form the EU is actively working to destroy the European peoples through allowing mass immigration from the Third World, limitless international bankster debt, it's unaccountable financial structure and it's communist style regulation of every aspect of our lives. Therefore, unless the EU was completely reformed to rid itself of these evils we would see no option but to leave. The EU has encouraged a dependency culture where major sectors of our economy are dependent on "grants" of one kind or another. In line with our objectives for building up our own country so as to be self sufficient we will not need such intervention. In this way we will create a new Ireland which will be truly independent.

8) Do you know of groups like Generation Identity?
would you support an Irish branch?

Yes we know of Generation Identity and we applaud their initiative with one reservation: they have a divisive approach to their beliefs. They target previous generations for the plight they themselves now find themselves in. Since previous generations had about as much say in what was done by their governments as we do now, it is misguided to blame them entirely. The Celtic People's Party of Ireland make no such distinction amongst our people. We are all one and we will work together, both young and old, to promote and protect our people, culture and country.

Thanks to the good people at CPPI for giving us their time and sharing their ideals with us for this TEG special on European nationalism!

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