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Catalonia’s Independence Movement Picking up Steam


On November 9th, the Catalonian regional parliament approved a plan to secede from Spain by 2017, which would put them in direct opposition to the central government.

Naturally this has caused backlash from Madrid, and specifically from the Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who announced “Catalonia is not going anywhere, nothing is going to break”. Calling it unconstitutional, Madrid will fiercely challenge the “illegal” resolution in court, in order to take control of the situation and to shut down once again, Catalonia’s attempts to peacefully become a de jure nation.
Pushes for independence are becoming more powerful and more frequent. Just in September the leading secessionist party (a coalition of left-wing pro-independence parties) won almost half of the seats 135 seats up for grab in parliament, with the next leading party winning significantly less. Now, almost two months later, they have declared the independence resolution. This also goes to show that even the left can be pro-nationalism, and that nationalism is just pride for your people, and your culture.

As tensions between the pro-independence parties and the Spanish government continue to grow, the call for freedom grows with it. Whatever the true outcome of this resolution is, the issue of Catalonian independence will not go away, and likely will not stop until the country is free.

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