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EU in panic: Schäuble talks about the possible collapse of the eurozone

The EU threatens with the end of the Euro, if border controls are reinstated. Wolfgang Schäuble has even said a collapse of the euro system is entirely possible and could come within days. The choice of words suggests panic in Brussels and Berlin.

After Angela Merkel, also EU President Jean-Claude Juncker said the future of the euro zone depends on the continued existence of the open borders in Europe.

"Without Schengen and without the free movement of workers, without freedom to travel, to the benefit of all Europeans, the euro makes no sense"

Juncker said on Friday in Brussels.

"Whoever kills Schengen, will have brought the Internal Market to the grave in the end. He will also create an unemployment problem which will be no longer manageable."

The threat is a statement of desperation. The fact that Juncker also pushed calculations how much border security would cost, demonstrates this clearly. If the reintroduction of border controls remain, this would lead to the cost of three billion euros per year in transportation, warned Juncker. That should not overly frighten the States.

In the course of the refugee crisis, several EU states have returned to border controls, which are provided in the Schengen area only in exceptional cases and for a short time. Even Merkel made earlier this week a connection between the free movement and the functioning of the currency. Merkel and Juncker pull in the refugee crisis on the same string for a long time now, but face the resistance from many other EU countries. Juncker again appealed urgently to those countries, to comply with the agreements. The EU id steering towards a huge credibility crisis if there is no success in 2016 to implement the measures decided upon. He referred to the distribution of 160,000 refugees in the EU states. According to data from the EU Commission, only 272 people have been distributed so far.

Juncker also criticized that many EU countries receive far less or no refugees from the civil war Syria than poorer countries like Lebanon or Jordan. Measured against the population of the EU, Europe would have to admit 100 million people, Juncker said. In addition to the costs through the border controls, he gave the example of the Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, where an economic loss of 300 million Euros would arise if passports were to be systematically checked there. Controls between Denmark and Germany will incur costs of 90 million Euros.

Schäuble warned after a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels in unusually sharp terms that the EU could not simply return to its previous state, if the internal market or the currency zone collapses. Reuters reports the following from Brussels. Schäuble said that the Schengen zone fail is close.

"And that's not a question of years. If Germany should be forced to reintroduce border controls, like Sweden, then Greece would very quickly be the victim, and that would not be a question of months "

He also told this his colleague Euclid Tsakalotos during his visit this week in Berlin.

The EU's and Schäubles scaremongering is intended to impose a distribution of refugees in Europe. But except for Austria, all states have turned away from Angela Merkels idea to accept a completely unrestricted mass immigration for month to come in the EU. Even Vienna is already nervous because Germany has begun to return refugees.

The Chancellor herself is under pressure from her own party as it rumbles severely in the CDU since the former constitutional judge Udo Di Fabio has stated in a report that the federal government has constitutional duty to protect the borders of Germany, if the EU is not capable.

Source: deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de

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