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Berlin - A new study from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution describes the average leftist violent offender: He is male, 21 to 24 years old, and despite high school diploma (Mittlere Reife) usually without job. 

EU in panic: Schäuble talks about the possible collapse of the eurozone

The EU threatens with the end of the Euro, if border controls are reinstated. Wolfgang Schäuble has even said a collapse of the euro system is entirely possible and could come within days. The choice of words suggests panic in Brussels and Berlin.

Catalonia’s Independence Movement Picking up Steam

On November 9th, the Catalonian regional parliament approved a plan to secede from Spain by 2017, which would put them in direct opposition to the central government.
With the media machine in overdrive trying to demoralize the Hungarian people and Government it's up to us, the ordinary citizens to let the Magyar people know they have the support of the common people of Europe. Here follows a list of addresses for Hungarian embassies across Europe and the Anglosphere.

Far left Syriza splinter party opposes austerity

25 Syriza MPs broke off from Tsipras’ party after the leader’s traitorous bailout deal.

Labour Seeking to Nationalise Industry….Again?

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Labour would nationalise industry again under his command.
The Swedish Attorney General will not raise a case against the Sweden Democrats for their anti-beggar advertisement in Stockholm subway stations.

The Celtic people's Party of Ireland (CPPI)

As part of our investigations and promotions of Nationalist and patriotic parties across Europe we have spoken to The Celtic people's Party of Ireland (CPPI) on their thoughts and views on Ireland and it’s political landscape.
Campaign posters by the centrist Sweden Democrats party which described Sweden as a ‘mess’ were torn down by members of the public.

Feminist politician raped young student

An outspoken feminist and a member of the Swedish Green Party has been sentenced to two years and six months prison and 115.000 SEK in fines for raping a young female student.

Serbia will oppose Kosovo’s UNESCO membership request

Despite not being a nation, much less a member of the UN, Kosovo wishes to join UNESCO. Serbia’s foreign minister Ivica Da?i? has criticized the legality of the request in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon.

Swedish SD on a new record high - Poll shows 23.3% support

New July 2015 poll shows SD support on the rise. SD now second largest party in Sweden.
"Stay away from the qufars!" In South Africa such demands were called Apartheid. If Muslims demand such a segregation, it's called 'tolerance' and 'integration'.

New Venetian Mayor Bans Books on Homosexuality in School

Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro bans a total of 49 books that are about homosexuality and discrimination from schools.
Fox hunting was banned under the radical-leftist Blair government as an act of class warfare in 1993, initially with huge popular support. When the British public turned on Blair following the iraq war and immigration crisis his other policies became trendy to attack amongst the mainstream right.
Prime Minister said he will consider new Ukip peers only “over the course of the parliament” – despite a long push by the Eurosceptic party to be better represented in the chamber due to its 4 million voters

Russia to ban Soros' and other foreign NGOs

Anyone working with a dozen so called NGOs will face up to six years in prison, Kremlin says. Inofficial explanation: George Soros's fake NGO caught inciting US Ferguson riots, Kremlin in fear of such incidents.
In an interesting article from the Telegraph we can hear what the vice president of the European Commission has to say about the truth spoken by Nigel Farage and other nationalist politicians, and how he is annoyed over how correct they are.
Mr. Jack Sen, a former candidate for the UK Independence Party, has recently been made the spokesperson for the Nasionaal Front, a political party in South Africa formed in 2013 aimed at self determination and security for European settlers of South Africa, now a violently repressed minority.

Destabilising Europe is in the interest of the United States

In February 2015 one of the most significant speeches about Europe’s imminent future was held in the US. The speech was held by George Friedman.