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Swedish Rape Epidemic Avoidable. Feminists Silence Deafening. (Part 1)


5000 rape per year epidemic caused by politically correct refugee and immigration policy in Sweden. Rape epidemic diversity will  spread to small towns, more countries but "Feminists" don’t care.

  1. Sweden has one of the highest rates of rape in the world [50]. 5000 forcible rapes per year. Virtually all forcible violent rapes are committed by immigrants. [60 61  64 65 66 67 68 70 71 72 73]
  2. Thus: There would be no rape epidemic, virtually no forcible rapes, riots and car burnings [80 81 2013 82 2015 2014a b c]  in Scandinavia, had they not invited refugees and immigrants from Muslim and African countries.
  3. All Swedish municipalities that have not previously “welcomed” refugees will be forced to do so. [90]  The inevitably ensuing rape epidemics in formerly idyllic safe villages can still still be avoided.
  4. EU plans to force European Nations to accept Migrants [10 11]. This will bring rape epidemic culture and violence culture [91] to all European countries. Even those that have not yet been diversity enriched (Portugal, Spain, Eastern Europe). Feminists don’t protest the further spreading of rape epidemic culture.



Feminists don’t protest about violent gang rapes. Feminists obsess about objectifying gaze, gender mainstreaming, sexist language, marital rape, consensual sex when drunk, women’s choice to be a sex worker.  But violent gang rapes by minorities, not of interest to feminists.

No rape epidemic, no race riots, no car burnings

without refugees, without uncontrolled immigration

Europe encourages smugglers and human traffickers to bring in Millions of foreigners from totally different cultures. This has “saved” maybe 1% of the African population. It brought race riots, 400 000 (!) burned cars in France [91], 1000 burned cars at each New Year’s in Paris alone. It destroyed the virtually crime free peace of large parts of Europe.  Women live in fear of rape epidemics. Poorer countries, and small towns will be invaded by rape epidemics and crime shortly.

Yes, not every African is a rapist. Not 100% of refugees participate in large style week long Stockholm and Paris riots and arson. Explain this to your raped daughters; to the majority of the population who simply does not dare to walk the formerly safe streets.

Political Correctness, the MSM lying press, the equality lie, self censorship, hate speech laws are to blame. And European good-heartedness, excessive pathological altruism.

Swedish woman brutally gang-raped by Muslim refugees now in a wheelchair. Socialist:” It’s racism to expel them”



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Alexandra von Hohenfels

Editor North America

Growing up in a very political German household shaped me to become very active in defending Europe from multiculturalism and self hate. I'm not afraid to share the realities of Immigrants that are destroying our culture, society, and safety of our fellow Europeans.

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