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Sweden’s Madness Questioned, Even By Migrants

too many migrants

Sweden’s latest newcomers are arriving from Syria and even they are wondering whether Sweden has accepted too many of those applying.

In the Southwest of the Swedish capital Stockholm lies the town of Södertälje, which has fast become a new haven for Middle Eastern immigrants. It now homes over 10,000 Iraqi’s and 8,000 Syrians. Such is the insanity in Sweden, they have recently decided to increase the number of ‘refugees’ it takes in this year, compared to the previous 12 months. This will see a rise from 85,000 a year to 100,000 a year in a country with a population of just 9 million people. This is in part down to the ridiculous policy Sweden currently enforces which automatically grants residency to every single Syrian who successfully manages to make the journey to the Scandinavian wonderland. Let’s think about this for a second, if an individual from Syria arrives at Sweden’s door, regardless of the method or reason, they will unequivocally be gifted grants for housing as well as state education in local schools. Such is the multicultural heaven of Sweden.

The policy, whilst intended to help those ravaged by war and in desperate need of help, is being abused on a wide scale and the government refuse to even review it with the current situation in mind. Therefore, Sweden’s population is experiencing a rapid increase and so public services come under an even greater strain as they struggle to cope with the growing demand. On a plus note however, this does help political parties such as the Swedish Democrats who are desperately trying to halt the madness taking place and restore a bit of common sense into Swedish policy. The darker times get, the more the people will seek the light so to speak.

Although, a less predictable outcome has transpired as a result of Sweden’s open acceptance of all Syrians. This comes in the form of the immigrants themselves, now settled in Södertälje, questioning whether Sweden has taken their policy too far. An immigrant from 1989, Afram Yakoub, went so far as to point out the problems faced at a local school:

"This school, you see, it has around 500 students but I think there's only one ethnically Swedish student,"

"That's a problem because integration is impossible. The immigrant children can't integrate, can't learn Swedish language and culture."

So when someone who has previously arrived into the country with no questions asked is able to notice the problem, why is it that the Swedes largely refuse to do anything about it? There is no integration taking place, and when this happens there can be only one outcome and that is civil unrest. We have already witnessed numerous examples of the gifts that multiculturalism has offered Sweden in the recent unofficial title of ‘rape capital of Europe’. The guilt Europe carries continues to burden us, and it shows no signs of disappearing as many indigenous individuals in all European countries, not just Sweden, adopt the reflexive position of defending these invaders at all costs. We have the greatest continent and civilisation in the world, and we seem adamant on seeing it fall. However, from Sweden’s mistakes the rest of us must learn, without action and without border protection we will all soon be faced with the very real prospect of civil war in all of Europe’s great nations. It is not too late for our beloved blonde-haired Swedes to save themselves, but the time for action is quickly fading away.

Source: Sky

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  • Guest - Don

    It's the beginning of the end for the white nation of Sweden. The social virus of multi-culturalism has infected the Swedish political elite, who are determined to turn their own Caucasian people into the minority. Insanity rules the country now and, short of a miracle, Sweden's future will belong to Islam and its demented disciples!

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