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Norway In Human Rights Row Over Taking Immigrant Children Into Social Care

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Norway is facing multiple custody disputes after taking immigrant children into foster care, mainly from Eastern European and Indian families.

Norway now faces accusations ranging from cultural insensitivity to child theft as a result. In 2012, there were 6,737 children put into foster care, with 1,049 of whom being immigrants or of immigrant backgrounds. This has proven to be a substantial increase from the 744 out of 5,846 in 2009. Due to this heavy handedness, tensions are rising between Norway and the home countries of the immigrants and their stolen children.

In Western Europe, it is commonplace for the state to assert their power in taking children away from their homes, should they meet the necessary criteria and that applies to domestic and foreign nationals. However, it has become a major issue in Norway in recent times, due to the sheer scale of the incidents. When pushed for a response on the issue, Norwegian officials cite the usual rhetoric about every child they move being in trouble in one way or another and that the state is doing them a favour by removing them from their families. Such examples include alcoholism, drug use, malnourishment, physical & verbal abuse, etc.

This has caused a particular uproar within the Eastern European community, with one such example stemming from a Lithuanian family whereby the child was deemed to have been dressed too provocatively for a child of that age, yet the mother claims that this was punishment for her child being well groomed.

It is worthwhile noting a particular statistic which points out that immigrant children are three times more likely to be moved into foster care than the indigenous Norwegian children. In actual fact, almost 3% of immigrant children are in foster care currently.

Could one argue that this is an example of the classic Western European colonial guilt and hypocrisy? We feel so bad for these people that not only are we gifting them with free healthcare, schooling, housing and everything else when they arrive but we are now physically taking their children and raising them ourselves because we feel we would be better at doing so than the child’s own parents? The best thing for these children is to be in their own family environments, unless there is an actual legitimate danger present to the child at home.

Source: usnews

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