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No end in sight: Germany’s doors wide open to invaders


With the expectation that a minimum of 800,000 undocumented foreigners will enter Germany this year, it is clear that borders have become a thing of the past. The frustration of some Germans is being expressed in the form of violence against “refugees”.

On Monday, Angela Merkel revealed that 800,000 immigrants was not an unlikely figure, and that one million is very realistic. The minds behind the EU’s failed distribution program were none other than German politicians, and Merkel has expressed similarly absurd beliefs regarding the issue. This week, she notably stated that she thinks the whole of Europe is responsible for the welfare (both physical and monetary) of the swarms encroaching upon the continent.

If Europe fails on the question of refugees, its close connection with universal civil rights will be destroyed.”

Many native Germans have shelled out their own funds and bought essentials for the invaders; some going so far as to teach and translate the language to them. One group named “Refugees Welcome” has displayed an extraordinary level of disdain for their own nation and people, as they organize accommodation in the homes of regular Germans. Close to a thousand Berlin residents have signed up to offer a room.

Despite the feel-good gestures shown by some Germans, not all are willing to lie down and allow their nation to be trampled by the horde. This year, a total of 336 attacks have been directed at shelters for illegal immigrants - 100 more than all of last year. Such statistics have shown that the Germans in the eastern regions are more frustrated with the influx; 47% of all “racist” incidents occurred in five parts of what once was the German Democratic Republic. However, the east has only received 16% of Germany’s total number of immigrants.

Seeing the home of many generations of ancestry certainly hurts the heart, but acting like third world people is not the nationalist way. When we act destructively and in an uncivilized manner, the stereotype that we are on a lower level than the left is further fueled. The correct solution to solving the invasion crisis is to vote for the right parties and speak the truth when we are given the opportunity.

When a so called leader like Angela Merkel complains about other countries refusing to “do their part” and take in outsiders, it indicates nothing more than pure incompetence. Germany will live under the yolk of those that sought asylum; the joints that propel the nation to success will become worn and diseased, lacking suitable replacements. The wear being the actual Germans who grind daily to feed themselves and their families, only for a sum of their earnings to go towards the welfare payments of third world residents. The disease being the inevitable breeding between non-Europeans and Germans, most of which will be the result of forceful infection. The body of Germany unstable and weak, its heritage and pride destroyed, it will collapse into a heap. A strong dose of nationalism is the only cure.

The changing attitudes, gradually leaning further to the right, show that Europeans are becoming increasingly tired of the situation. We must do what these “refugees” will not; we must stand and fight proudly in our homes with our voices and our votes. If we do not fight with our minds and elect people that truly care for Europe, we will find ourselves fighting for our very lives.

Sources: The Guardian

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K. Wight


"If Europe is to thrive, so must nationalism. Nationalistic Europeans are the only people who can defend their cultures and livelihoods."

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  • Guest - Don

    The belief that voting would make a difference, and right all the wrongs committed in the name of misplaced multicultural altruism is very naive. Peoples' votes don't matter anymore. The entire political system in Europe has been hijacked by Leftie Traitors, whose sole aim is the destruction of Western civilization, and casting ballots against them won't make any difference. They aren't going anywhere.. .UNLESS Patriots become physical with them. Remove their subversive asses from leadership positions; and keep them out of politics permanently. Do whatever it takes to save Europe from the Muslim invasion taking place now, and managed by the EU Filth in Brussels!

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