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Will Britons' concerns be ignored?

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A rising "major fear" over the number of economic migrants coming to the U.K., for Britons. A survey showed 40% believe this is the biggest concern and 56% believe shoring up borders is necessary. 

 The second biggest concern; NHS was 9% below immigration with 36%. NHS; National Health Service is a huge spender for the UK budget and is a publically funded health care system. Paid for by taxation and em ploys 1.4 million people.Since the summer, Calais, refugees, and net migration have caused the survey by Ipsos MORI to reveal immigration is a concern for them and not just a humanitarian contest. Not only conservative voters are worried about immigration, but labour as well. 

Splits within Labour party were over immigration as well as disaproval over Corbyn who has a negative eight approval rating which plumeted after he refused to sing national anthem and to have a nuclear arsenal in an extreme case of protection if future Prime Minister. Beyond politicians who are failing our system, tiny cracks are showing on the concerns of how this will affect everyday people who won't be given easy handouts unlike the thousands that will be forced into the country for the race of humanitarian of the year.   

Last night Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of the think-tank MigrationWatch, said: 

"They are yet further evidence of the common sense of the British people. Not only is our population increasing at the fastest rate for nearly a century, but public services are coming under enormous strain and in parts of our country, society is changing far more rapidly than many people wish to see."

Tory MP Peter Bone said:

"In Middle England it is absolutely the number one issue by a country mile. They are not concerned about immigration from the Commonwealth and sub-continent but unlimited EU immigration. The issue is the sheer numbers. GP surgeries, schools and health services are all under pressure, overcrowded and really struggling."

As people are speaking out against this mass invasion, UKIP is listening to the people. Their spokesman pointed out that the politicians are failing to see how mass immigration is "damaging the very aspects of our nation" and harming the natives who are struggling with rape gangs, uemployment, and housing shortage. Although the EU commisioner for Migration has said that Britain must take in more refugees with the flow of migrants at a record high with no signs of stopping. 

The UK's offer to sustain 20.000 Syrians was "not enough" according to Dimitris Avrampoulos. Calling for homes to be given to more migrants and including that it should include 'some' that have already reached Europe. As he has forgotten the thousands that are homeless in the UK, including vets, he reminds us that the invasion will continue.

Dimitris continues to insult the UK claiming that the UK has had a great experience of migration throughout the last century. Hearing of the rape scandals organized by mass gangs of immigrants is not "great experience" and not in anyway on his mind from allowing thousands of men to come into the country. Stories of parents working hard while gangs, collecting welfare are luring girls from primary schools to use for gang rapes, drug abuse, and explicit photos. Rotherham scandal was the most popular scandal, but not the only one. Mass amounts of migrants have left victims fearful of reporting their crimes because of the accusations of being called a "racist" if the suspect is of non-european decent. 

Roger Scruton, Forbes contributor:

"The social worker in charge of her case listens to her complaint, but tells her that she cannot act unless the girl identifies her abusers. But when the girl describes them the social worker switches off with a shrug and says that she can do nothing."

This is not a new threat on the people, but one that has continued for decades. The people are waking up to these attacks on the natives and are voicing their stance to say, "enough is enough". For the cons to outweigh the pros of immigration, more are voicing their concerns with immigration over NHS, economy, and drugs. The media has swayed the 'refugee crisis' into their pawn to flood Europe with economic migrants with specific heart felt stories. As the survey proves that immigration is on the top concerns for the UK citizens, more people are looking past the image made by the media. Demonstrations are becoming frequent in Europe against immigration and will not stop until politicans start to act for the Europeans. 

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Growing up in a very political German household shaped me to become very active in defending Europe from multiculturalism and self hate. I'm not afraid to share the realities of Immigrants that are destroying our culture, society, and safety of our fellow Europeans.

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