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Demographic Replacement: Native Irish Projected to Become Minorities in Ireland by 2050

According to the former President of Dublin City University, Ferdinand von Prondzynski, by 2050 Ireland's population will consist of a multicultural and multi-ethnic mix in which the indigenous Irish will form a minority. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Prondzynski stresses that "large-scale immigration" into Ireland is essential if the nation is to remain prosperous. 

Mr. Prondzynski has also stated that the people of Ireland must prepare for a "very different kind of society" and that "immigration is almost always a good thing". 

Personally, I find it absurd that an outsider such as Prondzynski, a German by birth, thinks he can instruct the native Irish to prepare to become minorities in their own homeland. 

Does this subversive really expect the Irish to accept the same fate as England, a nation that is, in the words of Enoch Powell, busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre?


It is outright absurd that, in light of this shocking demographic revelation, instead of suggesting that the Irish government immediately lock down its borders and expel the illegal immigrants currently occupying Irish soil, Prodzynski has suggested that the Irish should passively prepare for this ethnocidal fate and that Irish universities should become active contributors to "anti-racism" policies, surely intended to promote diversity, tolerance, and "inclusion".

In my opinion, the people of Ireland should certainly make preparations, but not in anticipation of a "very different kind of society", but in the name of restoring Ireland as a homeland for the Irish people.

Why should the Irish blindly accept the declarations of their politicians and academics that Ireland is now a multicultural nation? 

It is an indisputable fact that the people of Ireland were never consulted about this matter. They certainly never asked to become multicultural. Ireland's political elite, serving their masters within the European Union, made that decision for them. 

Moreover, the people of Ireland never asked to become minorities in the lands in which generation upon generation of Irishmen made the ultimate sacrifice to free from foreign occupation, to ensure that their descendants would have a nation of their own.

Indeed, the Proclomation of the Republic of Ireland explicity states that:

"We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished the right, nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish people."

The Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland also states a fundamental truth that should serve as a warning to those who are plotting to undermine the Irish within their own nation:

"In every generation the Irish people have asserted their right to national freedom and sovereignty: six times during the past three hundred years they have asserted it in arms."


Fortunately, in light of the demographic winter facing the Irish nation, Nationalist resistance is rising to counter the hostile forces that are threatening the identity and existence of Ireland, its distinct culture, and its native inhabitants. 


Two political resistance movements have been formed in Ireland this year, the Celtic People's Party and Identity Ireland. 

Both of these resistance movements explicitly state that they solely represent the interests of the Irish people, unlike the established political parties who have transferred Irish sovereignty to supranational organizations and who have created the conditions that have placed the Irish people in a fight for their survival.

The Celtic People's Party states that it is working for the preservation and promotion of the Celtic people of Ireland. 


The party's website states:

"In the past 20 years the population of Ireland has risen by 20% and this has primarily been due to immigration of peoples who are not of our culture. The percentage of native Celts in Ireland is on the decline as a consequence."

"At the current rate of influx we Celtic people will be a minority in our own homeland by the year 2050. This is nothing less than deliberate population displacement - a crime against humanity according to the UN Genocide Convention. The Celtic People's Party of Ireland is vowed to halting immigration in order to save our people, our culture, and our homeland."

The leader of the party, Tony O'Neill has also stated a number of politically incorrect, "racist" truths at a recent party conference:

"From New Zealand to Australia, to Canada, America, South Africa, and finally back to Europe, we see the same pattern in every case: mass invasion by Africans and Asians, and the guilt-tripping of white people into allowing it to happen."

"No one is trying to make non-white countries "diverse". There will still be black countries in Africa and Asian countries in Asia. It's only white countries that must be made "diverse". Countries are supposed to protect their native population and culture, not open them up to foreign conquest. Yet that is exactly what is happening."

O'Neill also made a statement targeted at the subversive elements who are actively facilitating the "fundamental transformation" of Irish society and culture:

"We of the Celtic People's Party of Ireland have this to say to all those who wish to see the destruction of our people: We refuse to kneel in subservience. We refuse to accept debt slavery. And we refuse to let our lands be stolen from us. We accept this God given chance to save our people, no matter how hard the fight may become."

Identity Ireland, led by Irish patriot Peter O'Loughlin, holds views and political stances similar to the Celtic People's Party. 

The party's website states:

"We recognise the importance of our history and culture in creating the Irish identity, which serves as a solid foundation for our society. Therefore we are against policies which encourage multiculturalism and ghettoization, as these can lead to conflict and division. As such, we oppose mass immigration and believe in natural controlled immigration as practiced by most nations worldwide.

Additionally, the party has boldly spoken the truth about mass immigration and its dystopian consequences:

"Mass immigration creates greater competition for scarce employment, puts pressure on social systems and can create cultural division and conflict."

Identity Ireland

Of course, the two political parties I have profiled are obviously "racist", "xenophobic", "intolerant", "far-right", "fascist", "nativist", and "bigoted". 

Moreover, the Irish citizens who support these parties are most certainly "Nazis". How dare they make such extreme, radical, and "racist" claims, stating that Ireland is a homeland for the Irish people!

The previous statements were sarcastic, but they reflect the mentality of the internationalists, leftists, "Social Justice Warriors", and all those who seek to refuse the Irish people the right to self-determination in their own nation and who seek to transform Ireland into "New Ireland", in which the Irish people will become marginalized minorities.

It would behoove all Irish patriots and Nationalists, those who want Ireland to remain Irish, to ignore the disingenuous and hysterical protestations the aforementioned groups will utilize to tarnish your reputations and livelihoods. 

Let it be known that if believing that Ireland is for the Irish and that the Irish people are the only peoples with legitimate claims to Irish territory is "racist", you will wear that insult a a badge of honor. 


Do not let the left and their indoctrinated, politically-correct lemmings prevent you from taking a stand on behalf of your people, culture, and homeland. 

These people want to turn Ireland (and all of Europe) into a bastardized, Balkanized land devoid of a national identity and culture. They want to erase all of the progress that Irish patriots have made throughout the centuries. 

They want to give your birthright away to groups who have never sacrificed an ounce of blood, sweat, or tears upon Irish soil to ensure a free and sovereign nation, unlike your ancestors who have valiantly struggled to secure a homeland for the Irish people. 

Rather than submitting to the demands and diktats set by subversive elements such as Alan Shatter, the man responsible for opening Ireland's borders to mass immigration, look to the heroes of the past such as Brian Boru, Patrick Pearse, and Michael Collins instead for direction and guidance. 

And in your struggles to prevent the destruction of the Irish homeland, keep in mind the wisdom of the legendary Irish writer Richard Brinsley Sheridan:

"The surest way to fail is not to determine to succeed."


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"I am a son of the West, therefore I stand on the soldiers of giants such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Martin Luther. It is in the honor and memory of men such as these that I dedicate my work."

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