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Woman raped by three men in Dresden

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In Dresden on Saturday evening, January 9, a 48-year-old woman walking in Gorbitz was attacked on the connecting path of Kirschenstraße and Robinienstraße between 7 and 8 at night.

Police spokesman Marko Laske said:

"Shortly afterwards, the offenders struck the woman, and went on to her."

According to police, her three men presented in the way and stopped them. Five days later, on January 14, the woman went to the police, pointing to the rape. The perpetrators are said to have been between 25 and 45 years old, all had black hair, and was described as a Southerners.

They did not speak German. The detective asks the public to help:

\Who made perceptions in relation to the offense? He who has seen suspicious persons in the vicinity of the crime scene? Please contact the police headquarters Dresden at the phone number (0351) 483 22 33 if any information can be provided.

But the police have been stopped by German politicians to not publically announce these attacks even with rising numbers growing concern by the public. The amount of cases have been increasing rapidly, as well as the concern there is no fear they hunt in packs.

Sources: MOPO24



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