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Berlin: 13 Year old girl kidnapped and gang-raped by 3 Arabs

An underage girl was raped in Berlin, allegedly by a group of men with an immigrant background. Citizens speak of impunity and excessive permissiveness towards criminals. This is not an isolated case. 

On Monday the 11th of January Lisa made her way to school. In Berlin Mahlsdorf she had to switch from the bus to the S-Bahn, but on that day she they did not arrive, reported a Russian TV channel, with which Lisa's relatives have talked later.

The girls cousin criticised the police cover up

Lisa's aunt gave an interview to a russian TV station

The girl was not found until 12 January. Her aunt told reporters that a middle eastern looking foreigner has exploited Lisas credulity, kidnapped and raped her.

Lisa's Russian-speaking family was initially afraid that social services could take away Lisa if the story becomes public. But then Lisa's aunt decided to talk with the media in order to avert similar crimes.

The man offered to take Lisa to school with his car. When she entered the car, she noticed that she was not alone. They brought her in an apartment with only one bed in it. The men threw her on the bed and started with their atrocity. They were three men, most likely new arrivals, said Lisa aunt.

An unscheduled meeting of representatives of the Russian diaspora was held in Berlin Marzahn on January 16, of whom many know Lisa well.

"I see this child every day. Yesterday we sat there in terror, "Valentin said Schlager.

"They rape girls, children. If this is the case, we will respond to violence with violence. there is no other way", said another resident of Marzahn.

The women are particularly alarmed. They want to accompany their children to school now and then pick them up. No one had suspected that such a thing could happen in safe Germany.

"I have not slept in three days. My 14-year-old child has to pass a refugee centre on her way to school", said Lidia Guter.

Lisa's relatives say that the police did not even want to search for the criminals. They have  interviewed the girl for three hours in the absence of their parents and the social services. They also have not initiated criminal proceedings, according to Lisa's uncle.

Meanwhile, the hacker group "Anonymous", have published a video on their Facebook page, showing that there are other incidents of this kind.

Rape of a minor: Who knows these men?

This video, apparently filmed by the perpetrators themselves and posted on the Internet, appeared in late December on YouTube. Several men can be seen with an immigrant background, describing the rape of a minor on camera. Question: Who knows these men? Directions please contact the nearest police station or the Federal Police directly: 0800-6888000

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, January 14, 2016

In the video, a young man brags in broken German with his "success": he had kidnapped and raped a young girl with his four friends. In the background men can be heard laughing with approval.

When and by whom the video was filmed, is unknown. Whether the story is someone's hideous invention, is also uncertain. However, the atmosphere of fear and mistrust towards the government has now become so acute that the reaction of the citizens can not be predicted any longer. The Russian-speaking diaspora in Berlin has already promised not to let Lisas abuse pass without consequences. They will fight determination for a proper inestigation.




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