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Alleged rape of 13-year-old: diplomat criticizes Berlin police - prosecutor's investigating now

The Russian Embassy in Berlin has criticized the conclusions of the German police in the case of the alleged rape of a 13-year-old in Marzahn, as premature.

The spokesman of the diplomatic mission Sergei Belyayev said Thursday:
"The better we get to know the situation, the more we doubt the justification of these conclusions."
"The conclusions seem to be premature, which is also what many representatives of the Russian diaspora think."


Belyayev praised the Berlin prosecutor's office for continuing the investigation. According to the diplomat, the girl's parents also strongly protest against the conclusions of the police and have already hired a lawyer to protect their interests.

According to the spokesman, the girl's family has currently not asked the Russian Embassy for neither advocacy nor any form of help.

"But we are deeply concerned, because these are our compatriots," said Belajew.

A 13-year-old, who comes from a German-Russian family, had been reported missing last week on Monday. The next day she was found again. Family members told the Russian television, that the child had been abducted by three migrants and repeatedly raped.

According to the police, there has been neither an abduction nor a  rape. The aunt of the girl informed the Russian radio station RSN, that the family has hired a lawyer and were afraid that the social authorities would take away the child.

The lawyer Roman Igler, which represents the interests of the family, told the Berliner Zeitung:

"When the daughter got home, she had strong hematomas on her body. "When the parents went to the police, a policeman expressed his suspicion that the child lied."

The lawyer added:

"We just know that the child was 30 hours in the hands of people who abused her"

Meanwhile the prosecutor's office has taken over the case.





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