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Germany: Migrants masturbate and defecate in public pools



Zwickau - What transpired in two public pools in Zwickau on the 15th January is incredible disgusting. An asylum seeker masturbated and ejaculated in the pool in Johannisbad on the 15th January.

The incident only came to light because an internal letter to Trim Mayor Bernd Meyer (63) surfaced on the Internet. City spokesman Mathias Merz (46) confirmed on Friday the authenticity of the document: "It's not a fake."

According to the letter the man was thrown out of the swimming pool, but returned with some pals to get his cell phone and jumped with the others once more into the pool in order to make a Selfie.

But this was not the only incident. Other migrants have harassed female guests in the sauna. The situation has become so dire that migrants are now told that the sauna is closed when women use it.

It does get worse however. A group of migrants has defecated in the Glück-Auf-Schwimmhalle on the 9th of January.

The City Council reviewed the allegations. City spokesman Merz summarizes:

"A few days ago we've been made aware that there have been several incidents in public pools. We take this very seriously. We inquired at the pools, which ultimately led to the memo. We have now agreed on meetings on, for example, between representatives of the baths GmbH and the police or an appointment with the operators of the accommodation for asylum seekers, where possible steps will be discussed. A bathing prohibition has not been issued yet."

This internal letter lists the atrocities in the swimming pool:


Source: mopo24.de

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