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Denmark will not receive 160,000 immigrants from the EU

While the authority figures of the EU continue to push for a ludicrous distribution of “refugees” throughout Europe, the plan has met multinational resistance. Denmark is one such country saying no; the Union wants to force 160,000 on the country.

Scottish First Minister Offers Home To ‘Refugees’

Nicola Sturgeon Has Said She Would Be Happy To Accept Syrians Into Her Own Home

Ireland will welcome 4.000 more migrants

IRELAND WILL WELCOME 4,000 "refugees" as part of the country’s response to the current crisis. Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald announced the figure for the initial provision after a special cabinet meeting this morning.

Finnish Prime minister offers second home for Syrians

Recently the Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä, made a shocking announcement that he would be using his summer home as a place for Syrian refugees because of “the burgeoning refugee crisis in Europe”.

No end in sight: Germany’s doors wide open to invaders

With the expectation that a minimum of 800,000 undocumented foreigners will enter Germany this year, it is clear that borders have become a thing of the past. The frustration of some Germans is being expressed in the form of violence against “refugees”.
Norway is facing multiple custody disputes after taking immigrant children into foster care, mainly from Eastern European and Indian families.

Putin said the EU refugee crisis was to be “expected”

Russian President Putin has said in a speach that the current human tsunami of refugees into Europe was “absolutely expected” and that he himself has publicly predicted such an outcome from “the West’s” misguided meddling in the Middle East and North Africa. Putin’s statements are correct as far as they go, but they don’t go far enough. 

Israel is shipping its deported Africans off to Sweden

Israel is in the middle of illegal alien crises with many being deported but there is a back and forth between the right of center parliament and the left-wing courts. Illegal aliens have been marching in the streets of Tel Aviv for three days in a row.

Sweden’s Madness Questioned, Even By Migrants

Sweden’s latest newcomers are arriving from Syria and even they are wondering whether Sweden has accepted too many of those applying.

Czech Republic Prepared To Use Army To Repel Migrants

The Czech Republic has made the case that if the EU were to have a common army, it could better protect itself from the current ‘migrant’ invasion from Africa. Instead, they may be forced to use their own army to protect national interests.
Aleksandar Vucic, during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has requested that Germany reduce benefits provided to migrants from the Balkans.

Chunnel trespasser pleads not guilty

The man who nearly traversed the entire Channel Tunnel from Calais to Kent has pleaded not guilty at his trial.

Macedonian border blockade overrun days after being set up

Thousands of migrants trying to get into Macedonia from Greece have been allowed through, as border guards and riot police found themselves overwhelmed at the quantity.

Macedonia beefs up border security with Greece

After calling in military and army personnel, they were able to grind migration to a near halt along their southern border.

Fence to stop Illegals from entering Hungary almost finished

The fence that will separate Hungary from Serbia in order to block illegals from entering the country will be finished within three weeks.
Far leftists are starting to collaborate with the invaders in response to increased anti-immigrant crime in Germany.
The 23-year-old Eritrean man who’s suspected for the double murder at IKEA in Västerås, Sweden will most likely not be deported even if he’s sentenced for the crime. This as the Migration Board of Sweden has decided that all Eritreans have the right to stay in Sweden and to receive all welfare available to Swedes.

Racist plaster outrage in Sweden

The latest made up racism found by Swedish media is the humble plaster. They’re too white to suit the skin colour of non-whites.

Migrants Pose Security Threat To The UK

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has suggested that the travellers are putting the country under a severe stress, particularly on national security.

Finnish state will pay asylum seekers to leave the country

A new law that has come into force allows the Finnish Immigration Service to provide financial assistance for up to €1000 for asylum seekers who’ve seen their application rejected to leave the country.