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Cryptosporidium Arrives in England

The bug’s most common syndrome is diarrhoea but other warning signs include dehydration, nausea, vomiting, fever and weight loss.

Professor Johann-Dietrich Woerner, head of the ESA for one week has explained why mankind should pursue a permanent settlement on the Moon.

On Portugal's Drug Decriminalization

The economically endangered Portugal appears, on the surface, to get good results from its decision to decriminalize drugs.
New Study Shows that Rape of German Women by Allied Forces was Widespread in WWII

Scientists Want to Fight Racism With Brainwashing

Trendy progressives like to assert that nobody is born with racist attitudes and that it must therefore be something that is learned. But the left is sketchy on the details as to where and how exactly these attitudes are learned.

Fake Study about Views on Gay Marriage Retracted

A recent study conducted by Columbia University political science professor Donald Green and graduate assistant Michael LaCour claims that short conversations with gay people can change minds on same-sex marriage. 
Pornography and video games have an unusual but nonetheless destructive effect on their users, especially men.

Ancestry.com Shares DNA Data With Authorities Without A Warrant

There are many among the new-right who have an interest in knowing their genetic history. It’s very common to see people talk about it in new-right forums etc. Therefore we see it as our responsibility to warn you about these companies.

Monogamy and the Uniqueness of European Civilization

One of the arguments against gay marriage is that allowing gays to marry would eventually lead to polygamy, or even marriage between man and goat. Or between a man and his son to avoid inheritance taxes.

The Viking Age Began in Denmark

A new study has shed light upon when and where the Viking age begun.

Study Questions “Out of Africa” Theory

Results of a study by Anatole A. Kylov and Igor L. Rozhanskii refutes the “Out of Africa” theory which for a long time has been argued to be the “the” theory on human migration.

What Science Says About Race and Genetics

Many would agree that discussing race from the perspective of racial differences is one of the great taboos of recent years. Here's what science have to say about it.

Western Europe, State Formation, and Genetic Pacification

Homicide rates seem to correlate with the recentness of state formation and the imposition of the state's monopoly on violence.