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Every female F-35 pilot now gets a free case of quadriplegia

The head of NATO’s F-35 program has claimed the plane’s heavy helmet is causing spinal injuries to pilots weighing less than 61 kg(135 lbs). There is also a higher risk of injuries for those weighing less than 75 kg(165 lbs).

Belgian PM wants to reconsider the Schengen zone

Following last Tuesday’s attempted terrorist attack on a French train, Belgium’s PM Charles Michel has expressed his desire to see borders enforced again. Border controls in mainland Europe were removed thirty years ago.

Oslo schools installing terror alarms

All schools in Oslo are soon to be equipped with alarms that alert all students and staff to a nearby terror incident. Hovseter School is one of the first to be implementing the method.

The decay of Sweden’s military and its current sad state

Once protected by hundreds of thousands of conscripted units and armed with an ingenious mobile force, Sweden’s defence capabilities began to decline during the late 1980s. Now, the nation faces an immense dilemma: a weak army incapable of defending its homeland.
The failed attack is part of a growing trend of violent anti immigrant sentiment in Sweden.

Poland and Romania to lead missile defense program

Poland and Romania are leading Eastern European efforts to boost allied air and anti-missile defense capabilities. The two NATO members are set to host US-made Patriot missiles on their soil largely as a response to Russia’s military intervention in neighboring Ukraine.
But what the furious Liberals, doubtlessly foaming at the mouths, do not realise is that the new ship is strictly for research, being too small to hold migrants.

The Hungarian government’s frenzied efforts to erect the border fence are being dwarfed by an immense explosion in migrant numbers over the past couple of months.

Hate crimes against Christians becoming much more common in Sweden

With the exception of anti-homosexual hate crimes, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention revealed that 2014’s level of hate related crimes was its highest ever. Crimes targeting certain groups are becoming increasingly common.

ISIS threat against Germany and Austria

A member of ISIS from who’s lived in Austria has threatened Germany and Austria with attacks in a recent execution video released by the Islamic State.
As migrant raids on the Calais-Dover tunnel become more violent by the day, it is revealed that Marxists and far leftists are aiding in the planning of this invasion.

Swedish Armed Forces remove pride Logo after public disapproval

Monday afternoon, the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) decided to change their Facebook profile picture with their logo on a rainbow flag. This move resulted in countless of people expressing their disgust and disappointment resulting in SAF reverting back to their old image.

A story of “de-radicalization”

Fewer “Danish” Muslims have traveled to the Middle East to become terror fighters in recent years, and a programme is supposedly why. Called the “Aarhus Model”, it is aimed at encouraging youths to avoid involvement with groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

ISIS to use Muslim women to attack religious sites in Europe

Syrian expert Fahad Al-Masri has said that members of ISIS’s exclusively female group “Al-Khansaa Brigade” will target Christian symbols in Europe. At least ten infiltrators will be sent, and up to sixty of the group’s women are “British”.

ISIS secretly buy land for strongholds in Europe

Mainland Europe now has a stronghold for the Islamic State as terrorists are secretly buying land.
According to the NATO commander Hans-Lothar Domrose the exercise will be held under the artificial threat where muslim fundamentalist attack southern Europe.

Suspected jihadist arrested in Italy

A suspected jihadist was arrested this Monday morning in Pisa, Italy on the suspicion of having spread propaganda and inciting terrorism.

NATO gears up for Cold War style arms race

Concerned over the Ukraine civil war, NATO has begun preparations to improve its military capabilities, while simultaneously claiming that it has not been dragged into an arms race with Russia.

Italian police have arrested Muslims planning terror

A Moroccan and a Tunisian man were brought into custody following a police raid during the early hours of Wednesday. An additional five were arrested in Italy and Albania following the discovery of their plans to join ISIS.
A few days ago The Intercept released the leaked top secret documents from the UK equivalent of the NSA, the GCHQ. The document sheds light on what the UK government and its agencies are doing online to spread propaganda and to deceive the public both at home and abroad.