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The European Guardian is happy to announce that we have designed an advertisement card and sticker for our readers and followers to spread to their friends,family or even just to people with similar views all in an effort to help get the word out about The European Guardian (TEG).

We suggest that our followers download the designs to their desktop computers which can then be sent to a local professional printers in your area (Such as Vistaprint in the UK & Ireland) to create the sticker which can be stuck to any surface and the card which can be left at bars restaurants and given to friends or handed out on your local streets.

The Sticker: A simple yet effective sticker which incorporates The European Guardian’s Lion and website URL.

Stuck to lamp posts, buses and doors can be an effective way of growing support for TEG.



The Advertisement card: In this day and age self promotion is everything, it’s easy to get over looked in a world where instant gratification is more important than a long sustained effort to achieve a goal. These cards bear our logo along with a little more information.

These are perfect to leave at bars or at the desks and reception of any business in your area or better yet, hand them out to people on the street and help us spread the word and save Europe!


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Martin J. Cook

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