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Finns leave church in protest after Church of Finland supports mosque


After the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland announced that it supports the building of a giant mosque in Helsinki, Finns reacted in force by leaving the church. Showing that the Finnish people has more heart in protecting their own christian heritage than the church itself.

In Finland as in some other Nordic countries, if you’re born to Evangelic Lutheran family you automatically become a member of the church. This means that 73.7 % (4 034 325) of all Finns are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Many stay as members paying church taxes as a way to support the church the culturally important sites it owns etc. Even if they themselves aren’t very religious.

For some mysterious reason the church decided to support the building of a massive 10 000 to 20 000 square metre mosque in Helsinki. This has caused outrage among Finns who, from a European perspective, are very patriotic and nationalistic. Resulting in countless people leaving the church.

In just a few days 500 people have left the Church and by the looks of it more are about to do the same. For a church that for decades has fought to stay relevant in the modern world this is a disaster.

For each member leaving the church, it means that their children will not become members through birth will effect is exponential as years go by.

A spokesman for the organisation Eroakirkosta (Leave the Church); Petri Karisma states that the people who have left the church in recent days have stated that the reason they were leaving is because they are critical about the growing precedes of Islam in Finland. The organisation specialises in filing the necessary paperwork for individuals who wish to leave the church.

A representative of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has now stated that the church only gave moral support to the project in order to show respect towards another world religion.

One can take comfort in the Finns openly showing disgust at the degeneration of Europe. A stance against Islam and immigration in general is always welcomed in today’s Europe.

Source: Fria Tider

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