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How does a patriot/Nationalist carry him/herself. What is Nationalism all about?

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People with conservative or centre right views already start off on a weaker foot than Liberals. It is for this reason we must conduct ourselves in a certain manner. A clean, educated, intelligent and proper manner is to be demanded of all those who share our views for the simple reason that we are portrayed as exactly the opposite.

As you well know we have our fair share of idiots, bald, loud, violent tattooed yobs are common and thus this is our image, while not all who fit this description are yobs, it is certainly how they are perceived. To be taken seriously we must be the opposite.

Now you might argue that the Yob type is useful for us, that they are the muscle to our brains but this cannot be accepted. As well as being calm and proper clean and well groomed in the way we carry ourselves we must be physically fit and able to fight so that we can fulfill this "Muscle" role ourselves, because a real man has to be able to rely on himself totally before we can begin to rely on others.

As well as physical fitness and the ability to fight and protect yourself and others you should be able to cook, clean and look after yourself, take some bush-craft classes and perhaps enroll in the reservist army in your country for military training and to learn discipline.

As a nationalist, or Patriot or what ever you describe yourself as you must be a strong independent man, who give a priority to leading people before he follows. you must have friends who can rely on you, you must be the change in society that you want to see.

you must be the one that people can run to for help should they need it. You should be the first to intervene in the event of a crime (Where you are equally or more heavily armed than the criminal) You should help your country men and women even the poor, homeless and downtrodden every chance you get, you should be friendly and helpful to your countrymen.
You should reject anti-social degenerate behavior. Your shoulders must be the pillars that society rests itself on. You must be a Nationalist people can admire and aspire to be like.

We must spell correctly and use proper grammar to the best of our ability, we must strive to educate and improve ourselves, we have to maintain a calm and non-vulgar demeanor when arguing/debating with people on the left even when they fail to reciprocate a decent standard.

Obviously we are all human and this can't be achieved 100% of the time but it's what we have to strive for. We must strive to be decent, upstanding, contributing members of our beloved home nations.

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