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Britain’s Curry Worries

no more curry for londonistan

Due to a lack of chefs, as many as two curry restaurants are closing per week.

In the 1970’s Britain experienced a large influx of immigrants entering the country from former Eastern colonies such as India and Pakistan. These newcomers decided to bring their home cuisines with them and so set up numerous curry restaurants wherever they settled. However, these foreign entrepreneurs are now growing old and retiring, but with their children choosing not to carry on their legacy, there is now a great shortage of curry chefs within the UK. It has been noted that these second generation of curry makers are more interested in obtaining degrees from British universities with the goal to ultimately achieving a higher income.

In addition, the restrictions placed on immigrants from outwith the EU means that importing chefs from these countries has become more difficult, apparently. Coupled with the fact that it takes up to seven years to train a curry chef, there is currently a demand for this particular skill.

The pessimistic economist outlook predicts that up to one third of the current 12,000 restaurants will close. The industry employs over 100,000 people and previous government schemes to train British and Eastern European immigrants as curry chefs have ultimately failed.

On an optimistic note however, one could be hopeful that perhaps another contributing factor to the decline of the industry has been the awakening of the indigenous population to the Halal industry and as a result are choosing not to line the pockets of those who seek to destroy us from within. This is not to say that every curry-selling establishment is Islamic or indeed Halal, but to say that it is not prevalent within the industry would be greatly naive. One would hope that with the diminishing curry trade, and with a love for fast food, the Brits will return to their local chippies and keep our beloved fish and chips a national symbol.

Source: Telegraph

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