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Postive reminder: We are strong!

There has been a negative force bringing us together. Everyday we see horrible news about the invasion that is spreading across Europe. Once divided, we are now growing into one positive force! Protests, positive videos, and even memes are helping to encourage us once again to be proud of our ancestors and homelands. Politicians and the EU have failed Europe in attempting to make us accept multiculturalism and we have had enough.

Postive photos and videos:


Dresden Protest


Protest on Malta


Protest in the Czech Republic

4postiveGolden Dawn Protest


German Protest


Care about our FUTURE!


A classic: The Lion

The Great Struggle 

European Pride by TEG

Fight for Europe-Ave Europa 

We need you!

 A Declaration of War in French with English Subs 

Generation Identitaire: spoken German with French subtitles

Generation Identitaire video on their program

Music video

Generation Identitaire short protest 

{youtube}3NcLpnGBJUE|600|450{/youtube} Generation Identity activsts at SPD offices!






About the Author

Alexandra von Hohenfels

Editor North America

Growing up in a very political German household shaped me to become very active in defending Europe from multiculturalism and self hate. I'm not afraid to share the realities of Immigrants that are destroying our culture, society, and safety of our fellow Europeans.

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