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Remembering Ireland's Easter Rising is pointless

The 100th anniversary celebrations of Ireland’s failed Easter Rising will be about dead people. I’m a lot sadder about the dead spirits.

Postive reminder: We are strong!

TEG wanted to share a few videos and images to remind us that Europe as we know it as, is not completely gone. 

Postive reminder: We are strong!

There has been a negative force bringing us together. Everyday we see horrible news about the invasion that is spreading across Europe. Once divided, we are now growing into one positive force! Protests, positive videos, and even memes are helping to encourage us once again to be proud of our ancestors and homelands. Politicians and the EU have failed Europe in attempting to make us accept multiculturalism and we have had enough.

Irish Gay marriage referendum appeal brought to Supreme court

The Supreme Court has received two applications for leave to appeal in the cases seeking to review the outcomes of the Marriage Equality referendum.

Britain’s Curry Worries

Due to a lack of chefs, as many as two curry restaurants are closing per week.
Irish historians have hit out at plans to demolish a Waterford ring fort that dates back over 5,000 years.

Il Palio de Siena

“Il Palio di Siena” is a traditional horse race which takes place twice every year, on the 2nd of July and 16th of August in Siena, Italia.

The Frankfurt School: enrolling now

All across Europe, young scholars are set to receive their results for their Baccalaureate, and being the paragons of wisdom that we are at TEG, we get many letters from young men and women wondering what to make of themselves.
People with conservative or centre right views already start off on a weaker foot than Liberals. It is for this reason we must conduct ourselves in a certain manner. A clean, educated, intelligent and proper manner is to be demanded of all those who share our views for the simple reason that we are portrayed as exactly the opposite.

The Physically Healthy are Euthanised in BeNeLux

A 24-year-old Belgian woman who suffers from depression and has had a "death wish" since childhood has been granted the right to die  — even though she's not physically ill.

14 Year Old Israeli Girl Poses in Lingerie for Dior

A young and poor girl named Sofia Mechetner is the new model for Christian Dior. The story of a girl who rises from poor to rich is a great story, but her being shown in a see-through gown in her first show, isn't.
The reason given for this removal is that they “portray elderly white male professors” and does thus not comply with the faculty’s multicultural policies.
After the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland announced that it supports the building of a giant mosque in Helsinki, Finns reacted in force by leaving the church. Showing that the Finnish people has more heart in protecting their own christian heritage than the church itself.
T-Shirt reseller and logo printer 'spreadshirt.de' declined to print anti islamization PEGIDA motive. But caught selling baby shirts with sexual puns and motives. Talk about priorities.

Pope Francis given Joke Crucifix Gift by Bolivian President

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, presented a crucifix to Pope Francis on his Latin American tour, while in Bolivia. This crucifix was obviously a joke and an insult to the Catholic church. Evo Morales is a former Cocaine farmer, and a Marxist.
Too often we only have depressing news to tell, so when we heard about the iron lady in Sweden we just had to share the story.
Worker strikes left London’s tube network shut down for a full day on July ninth, forcing commuters to find a different way to get to work.

The War on Spirit

The "war on terror" is a phrase often heard; there are, of course, other well-publicized "wars": the "war on poverty," the "war on drugs," the "war on 'organized crime,'" etc. Yet, ultimately, all these "wars" are distractions – indeed, the entire controlled-media apparatus is one ubiquitous, powerful weapon of mass distraction.
Germany’s national Ethics Council calls on the governing Christian Democrat Party to legalise incest between siblings, claiming that the benefits outweigh the consequences.

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