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White Independence

For a moment this summer, it appeared that Greece had defeated the global Zionist-plutocracy. In a hotly contested vote in which the forces of finance capital intervened, patriotic Greeks overwhelmingly voted to reject more austerity.
Although for drastically different reasons than those on the right should have. While the Liberals are concerned about the consequences this has for these workers, this outsourcing of production has negative repercussions for our own countrymen at home.

Paradigm Shift- Transubstantism

It is respectfully suggested that a discussion of our cosmic origins demands a passionate, determined exploration of ultimate questions: Why are we here? Why does reality exist? Where did reality come from?

When victimized 'victims' attack 'victims'

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters disrupted ‘Black Queers’ protest, which protested against 46th Chicago Gay Pride Parade. Yes, it really is grotesque.
A recent shooting in the United States of America by an ethnic European against several ethnic Africans has got the Liberal media concerned over whether such actions represent a growing white supremacist movement, now devoid of borders as it spreads from country to country.
Multiple intimate relationships is the latest thing promoted by the left to further degenerate Europe.

Stand your ground - Or get overrun

UK born Anjem Choudary, a known Islamist, intimidates a UK policeman on grounds of political correctness. The hurtful video exemplifies: Stand your ground and forget political correctness - or get overrun.
One of the greatest flaws in any right-wing movement for decades has been the lack of true pride among the people who have been visible members of the right-wing community. The new-right as it’s called is not so much new as it is a return to the old.
An opinion piece in the New York Times by Philippe Legrain has called for Europe to drop the ‘fortress’ mentality, and openly let in migrants.
Liberals in Western Society are attempting to make Muslims a protected group, safe from criticism, due to the manner in which Islam has been criticised in the recent past.

The Time to Act is Now

It was about a month ago when I stumbled upon the above text in the comment section of an article at Breitbart. It was so good that I decided to save it so that it doesn’t disappear into the murky bottom of the internet. I decided however that it needed a broader audience and therefore we publish it today.

Sweden the Shitty Country

Letter to the Editor: The Swedish government will be declared as idiots in this letter to Fria Tider say the expatriate Swede and industrialist Kaj Kjellqvist.

The Leftist Whirlpool

Since 9/11 and the start of the War on Terror, the West has long been mired in arguments about whether captured terrorists should be regarded as criminals or enemy combatants.

Bahar Mustafa's Speech by a Nationalist Woman

Although men tend to be more nationalistic, many women are also ready to defend Europe against those fighting to destroy its prowess.

I Will Never Fight For The EU

On Thursday, Jean-Claude Juncker called yet again for the EU to build an army, despite overwhelming opposition from member states. This only highlights yet again his arrogance and disloyalty towards the people of Europe.

Spend Yourself, Save the World

"As a movement, we need to cultivate idealists who take principles seriously and warriors who are willing to fight and, if necessary, die for our people."

ISIS, Feminists and Thugs: Dupes of the Foundations & Think Tanks

Men have been manipulated for millennia by the governing class through the technique of fear through internal and external threats. 
When the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, it was due to an entire complex of factors predisposing their revolution to become a successful political project because the Economic conditions determined by the course of the Great war caused an ongoing spiral of public dissent which was perfect for them to implement the Jacobin brutal revolutionary methodology which was tested into practice by their predecessors in France during the French Revolution. 
In today’s upside down world, Russia, which for seventy years had aggressively exported atheist materialism, both overtly and covertly, is becoming the defender of the principles that used to be the badge of the Christian West,

UKIP’s Place In The European New Right

Though Ukip seems to be the dominant anti immigration party for the United Kingdom, many in the far right claim it is not sufficient for saving the country.