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Spain's Economy Grows Slightly amidst the Greek Debt Crisis

The Euro is seeing no recession with Spain leading ahead.
This aid money will be spread amongst EU member states to address some of the various manifestations of the crisis.

Chinese stocks continue to Fall, World Follows

A rough Day for investors. China’s stock market a further 8% yesterday, leading to reactions across the globe. The Australian Dollar was a big loser, falling sharply against all currencies. Commodities also saw a fall in prices.

Greek Finance Minister steps down

Yanis Varoufakis, the outgoing Greek Finance Minister, announced his resignation following the Greek People’s ‘no’ vote in the debt referendum

World sees effects of Greek default

Global stocks have fallen around 2% over the last week due to the eurozone instability. China’s Shanghai Composite was the biggest loser with a 5% loss in one day. Commodities such as gold, wheat and oil have also fallen around 4%

Greenland Prospers without the EU

The European Union is the supposed “Unity of Europe”, a multi-national bureau founded in 1958 to promote peace, human rights, democracy, equality, rule of law, and the well-being of it’s people.

Foreign Workers Drive Down Wages in UK

Two million migrant workers are being paid very little, which is harming the economy, the Bank of England has warned.

A former Bank of England economist has called for a total ban on cash and its replacement with credit accounts controlled directly by governments.