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City kicks German family-of-eight out of rented house - to accomodate asylum tourists

Familiy kicked out

The Hejhal family is in shock. After Pentecost they received the notice of termination of renting contract of their apartment. So called refugees will move into the family's former home.

Now, the family of eight has no choice but to quickly find a new home, as they unexpectedly and without sufficient time to react, received a termination notice.

The city Niederkassel, as landlord of the family's house, announced that this step was necessary due to "own consumption". 25 refugees are to be accommodated in the house.

Jörg Hejhal, the father, is in despair: "We live here now for years here, have everything renovated and always keep everything in order."

Ironically, the city Niederkassel itself had helped the family to find exactly this house as a suitable place to live.

Familyfather Hejhal (who is professional truck driver for a living) can not understand that the city now wants to throw them out. "The house is perfect for us", he says sadly. "130 square meter, it measures, has indeed many slopes, but at least six bedrooms. Two of the children aged between four and 23 years to share a room, everyone else has their own.

City says: Leave the city, if you've got problems with that

"It is almost impossible to find a similar house", said the father. He adds:

"We of course have asked asked the city, how to get a new home."

But the city's answer was short: The family should consider leaving the city.

"But we always live in Niederkassel, we are rooted here. School, clubs, friends: We does not want the children to be torn from their current environment.
Besides all of these issues, I do not even know where I should get a security deposit from for a new house."

Apathy and indifference among the city representants

First Councillor of the City Niederkassel, Helmut Esch, demonstrated indifference. "We regret the situation, but unfortunately there is no other way", Esch says.

The House of Hejhals, as well as the neighbouring buildings, was built 15 years ago as a temporary home for refugees and was approved for it.
As in the past the number of asylum seekers again delined, the houses were rented to private individuals. But the municipality is now in need: "We need it for refugees", explains Esch.

According to Esch, the city is now allegedly talking with the Hejhals and try to find a solution.

Mirco Theiner, from the tenant protection association of Bonn / Rhein-Sieg explained, that the dismissal unfortunately was unobjectionable froma legal perspective. He continues: "In my opinion, after all, the Hejhals may still not be terminated because this would mean a special hardship for the extended family."

Jörg Hejhal now consulted a lawyer and wants to fight back legally. He says:

"Of course, refugees have to have a home. But it can't be that the city says there is no other way than taking our home."



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  • Guest - jay

    How do illegal immigrants have more rights and privileges than do legal, law abiding citizens born and raised in Germany? Those town officers need to be ridden out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered. Then deport those Muslims back to their lands of sand and dirt. If there is no room for the legal citizens, then certainly all the space possible to house the illegal aliens has completely disappeared, and no longer exists, nor should it have ever existed in the first place. (I assume Germany now has a high number of Muslims working in their bureaucratic offices of government.)

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  • Guest - jay

    The Muslims should have brought their own home with them. Don't throw out an entire family just because Muslims, whose Koran requires them to persecute all non-Muslims, need a place to stay.

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  • Guest - jay

    Die Muslime sollten ihre eigenen mit nach Hause gebracht haben . Haben Sie werfen eine ganze Familie , nur weil Muslime , dessen Koran verlangt, dass sie alle Nicht-Muslime zu verfolgen , brauchen einen Ort zu bleiben.

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