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Germany is the next Sweden

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Munich, as a single city, expects to receive as much as 10,000 'young' and unattended so called 'refugees' in 2015.

Thanks to leftist cultural marxists, Munich, capital of the southern German Bavaria, is forced to somehow accommodate and integrate more than 10,000 unattended 'young' refugees.

Most of them Muslim.

Most of them male.

As a contrast, in 2014 Munich had to cope with 'only' roughly 2,610 so called 'refugees'. The largest portion of them stranded in Germany by illegal traficking. Therefore most of them should have been directly deported back to where they came from, if the Dublin III regulation were followed by. But thanks to a leftist, self-hating and self-denying government, that is not the case.

From the more than 10,000 expected 'young' so called refugees, usually 40% later are discovered to have lied and being older than 18 years. Such outright lies, as most asylum liars are told by their trafickers, guarantee them a granted asylum request, even if their lies are later discovered.

The current German asylum law mandates something else, but the SJW cultural marxist government simply does not care.

So called 'tolerated' illegal immgirants are the result, which is simply an euphemistic newspeak for "no consequences at all".

Most of the asylum liars and asylum demanders come from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia und Eritrea. All of which are countries, where the devastating calamity of Islam led to social, economical and cultural destruction.

And now, that destructive forces begin to settle in Germany to such an extent, that it cannot be corrected anymore by peaceful means.

With the Muslim invaders, comes the 'cultural enrichment' rape wave

One asks how long it will take, until the mostly Muslim young males, which do not have any chance at the 'marriage market', simply take what they want.

The ever increasing rape numbers in Germany, where the perpetrators are of Arab or African descent, show that this process has already begun:

  • Rape of young woman (link)
  • Attempted rape by 'southern looking youths' (link)
  • Rape of 21 y.o. by 'dark skinned man' (link)
  • Pedophile Iranian still allowed to visit public baths (link)
  • Gambian drug dealer sells drugs to 15 and 19 y.o. (link)
  • Swiss Chief immigration officer says 99.5% of Nigerians are criminals (link)

If in this cultural marxist's utopia of a multicultural Europe everything is meant to be the same, then why not start a rape and violence epidemic like in Sweden?


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