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Shoplifts on the rise - Rampant poverty among German Pensioners and Single Parents


Plain hunger is back for many elderly Germans and pensioners. Many resort to shoplifting to get basic foods. But let's take in even more refugees!

Statements of police chief Joachim Loy of the German city Murnau sparked headlines, when he, for the first time, openly talked about an observation, which is also valid for many other German cities.

He noticed, that the percentage of senior citizens and elderly people, who were caught shoplifting, experienced a sharp rise during the last years.

Unlike for youths, which are typically caught for stealing luxuries like cosmetics or fashion, seniors are seen stealing foods. Basic foods.

More incidents than ever, numbers rising

The police chief stated, that in 2014 one third of the filed charges for shoplifting were against people at the age of 60 and above.

Christine Larch, member of a charity organization which distributes food for the poor, knows that many locals, especially the elderly ones, do not dare to get proper help by charity organizations. Out of fear for social stigmatization.

She adds:

"There is a steadily increasing number of old people with too little money, especially women."

But, besides social stigmatization, which prevents hungry pensioners from seeking help from charity organizations, there are further reasons to prefer theft.

Charity organizations suffer from aggressive Asylum demanders

As the regional newspaper derwesten.de reported, charity organization like 'Die Tafel' suffer from aggressive asylum demanders, which do not hesitate to use force.

Manfred Basner (aged 71) is the head of a 'Die Tafel's local branch. He explains:

"Since half a year ago, the situation changed dramatically. Our staff are heavily insulted. It is jostled, the elderly and children are cut away. There is an aggression and a sense of entitlement, that brings me to incandescence."

One might wonder, who is responsible for that change of atmosphere. This becomes clear from Basner's statements as well. He apologizes for using such open words, and remarks

"but more and more refugees behave like that."

One volunteer described such a violent situation:

"When I told him [the help seeker] that other people as well want to have some apples, he brutally hit me in the face."

The behaviour of these so called 'refugees' made headlines for the first time in 2015. There it became public, that since mid of 2014 more than 300 of volunteers who worked for 'Die Tafel', quit their job due to permanent insults.

It appears, that in some 'cultures' it is normal to bite the hand that feeds you.

Final remark on the introductory picture

We would like to give a brief remark on the chosen introduction picture. Shown is an elderly woman, which collects bottles to gain some money. Collecting bottles and exchanging them for a standard pawn of 0.15 Cent - 0.25 Cent, for a continuously increasing number of pensioners is the only way to add some little money to their pensions in order to survive.

By not attending food charities, they prevent being beaten up by aggressive asylum seekers or immigrants at food charity organizations.

When the first standard deposit for bottles and aluminium cans was introduced, collecting that 'trash' quickly became a last resort for many elderly people.

Seeing people, who worked the largest parts of their lives, searching through the trash in a comparatively rich country, makes one sad.

But when that country even affords to grant asylum with free food, housing and even spare money to a record number of asylum tourists and soldiers of fortune, it really becomes heartbreaking. At least it shows, whom politicians toll loyalty - definitely not to the locals.



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