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Plundering German churches and schools with looting for Islamic State


Group of Muslims indicted for looting churches and schools. Group accused of holding ties to Muslim terrorist network, connections to Syria discovered as well.

Priest Friedhelm Rüsche still has difficulties grasping what happened, despite that the incident - when his congregation discovered the invasion of the Church of Saint Augustine Keppel - already dates back more than one and a half year. The church is situated in the near of Bonn, which was the German capital until the reunification in 1990.

The incident Friedhelm Rüsche talked about, was a looting at the end of 2013, when the church's offering box with an estimated 100 euros, was stolen. The now indicted gang also stole the vault with sacred objects. But the thieves were not successful in opening it.

The priest states:

"Such a thing leaves its mark."

It was the first criminal appearance of the now accused gang. And many more should follow. Not only churches, but also schools were targeted by the now known Muslim gang.

Group caught at the end of 2014, long list of accusations and crimes. All justified by Quran.

In November 2014, the church burglars were finally caught. In early May, the prosecution started. The group was shown to consist of an eight-member group of Muslims, who broke into the churches. Christians were condescendingly described by the group as "Christian idolaters" and "Qufar"; the Muslim word for infidels.

In addition to breaking into churches, the Muslims also targeted schools in Bonn. Sending their veiled women to jewelry shops to launder the money and buy more innocent items.

The list of accusations is long: social welfare fraud, robbery, extortion, trade in counterfeit Bulgarian passports, and preparation of serious subversive crime.

One has to recall that all these deeds and crimes are explicitly permitted and even encouraged by Quran, as only 'infidels' were targeted.

Group has ties to known radical salafists and Syrian IS fighters

The group financed German Muslims who travelled to the terrorist militias IS Junud and al-Sham (Soldiers of Syria). All this at the expense of "Qufar" or "Kuffar" in Germany - so as required by leading Islamist ideologues. Salafists believe in a strict form of Islam.

In an intercepted telephone call, one of the church predators urged:

"We need to see how to funnel the funds 'down' [i.e. to Syria], and how the filthy Qufar are slaughtered. It is our duty, that their throats will be cut."

On the mobile phones of the caught gang members, phone numbers of a known cologne wannabe-Imam and ex-boxer were found. For years now, state security tried to tackle that known radical convert named Pierre Vogel - so far without success.

In the wannabe-Imam's public appearances and in his sermons, which are circulated via YouTube, the ex-amateur boxer always moves on the edge of legality. Hans-Georg Maassen, Head of the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection, accuses this wannabe-Imam Pierre Vogel as one of the leading intellectual arsonists.

Source: Focus.de

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