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4 Men attacked female jogger with a knife and cut her face in Germany

Four men have brutally attacked a young woman in the district of Harburg while she was jogging. Multiple perpetrators punched the 18 year old in the stomach and injured her with a knife in the face. 

The brutal attack on the young female jogger took place in Neu Wulmstorf, southeast of Hamburg, on Thursday the 14tth of January.  The 18 year old was between Elstorf and Daerstorf road in the afternoon when a blue car drove to the girl. Police said that four "German speaking men" jumped out of the car and started to attack the woman immediately. Since the police refused to give a description of the perpetrators except that they spoke some german confirms that this was once again a crime committed by people with migration background and the police follows orders to withold the concrete description the women gave the police.

Perpetrators fled by car

One of the perpetrators held the victim, another punched her in the stomach with his fists. Yet another attacker injured the women in her face with a knife, police have stated. The perpetrators only left the scene and fled by car when a dog-walker approached.

The 18-year-old was taken to hospital with an ambulance. Police in Neu Wulmstorf are now looking for witnesses and asks in particular the witness with the dog to report to the police.




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