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Refugees beat footballers with iron bar


A violent incident for a soccer tournament in Gröditz. A group of about 20 suspected fugitives raided two amateur footballers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain.

The men were beaten with iron bars, and were sent to the clinic.

Police spokeswoman: Ilka Rosary confirmed the incident

 "The fact happened early Sunday morning around 3:45 in Gröditz."

According to present knowledge had about 20 thugs who live according to witnesses in a nearby refugee camp, initially chased the footballers after the tournament through the village.

The SV Frauenhain said in a statement:

"Two of our players on SV Frauenhain were hunted at night on February 7th by a gang of 20 North Africans with iron bars armed and beaten up."

By the way: In the press release of the Dresden police on Sunday the attack with a single word was mentioned. Also on verbal demand BILD had received no indication of the fact from the police chief on Sunday.

Source: Bild.de

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Alexandra von Hohenfels

Editor North America

Growing up in a very political German household shaped me to become very active in defending Europe from multiculturalism and self hate. I'm not afraid to share the realities of Immigrants that are destroying our culture, society, and safety of our fellow Europeans.

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  • Guest - europaObserver

    What was the motive for this attack?

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  • Guest - Terry96

    "In the press release of the Dresden police on Sunday the attack with a single word was mentioned."

    So the police are hiding these kinds of vicious crimes by North Africans against the local Europeans... How can the police do that and still be able to sleep with a quiet conscience?

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  • Guest - failed

    you don't need a motive when you are a black, all hospital bills should be sent to merkel.

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  • Guest - Taylorrr

    The article above says "with a single word" but I ran the original Bild article through Google translate - that should really say "without a single word"

    So these two amateur sports guys were hunted, chased and beaten with iron bars. What will happen to the Arabs or blacks from North Africa who committed these acts?

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  • Guest - LostWhiteSheep

    same thing occurs in middle east and africa every day. blacks and arabs love to beat people up for no reason.

    it makes sense that beatings will occur when blacks and arabs move to a new country.

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