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Refugees beat footballers with iron bar

A violent incident for a soccer tournament in Gröditz. A group of about 20 suspected fugitives raided two amateur footballers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain.

4 Men attacked female jogger with a knife and cut her face in Germany

Four men have brutally attacked a young woman in the district of Harburg while she was jogging. Multiple perpetrators punched the 18 year old in the stomach and injured her with a knife in the face. 
After repeated sexual harassment of local women and rampant crime by asylum demanders, locals showed up with baseball bats and chains. Criminals who claim they are aslyum seekers will be closed! Success!
Group of Muslims indicted for looting churches and schools. Group accused of holding ties to Muslim terrorist network, connections to Syria discovered as well.
40 Students are granted one month to move out, despite currently ongoing exam phase. No better way to destroy your country's future.
Plain hunger is back for many elderly Germans and pensioners. Many resort to shoplifting to get basic foods. But let's take in even more refugees!

Germany is the next Sweden

Munich, as a single city, expects to receive as much as 10,000 'young' and unattended so called 'refugees' in 2015.
German principal ordered mostly females students to dress according to Sharia-like rules. It's the the second school, that fears asylum seeker's violence against local students
The Hejhal family is in shock. After Pentecost they received the notice of termination of renting contract of their apartment. So called refugees will move into the family's former home.