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EU in panic: Schäuble talks about the possible collapse of the eurozone

The EU threatens with the end of the Euro, if border controls are reinstated. Wolfgang Schäuble has even said a collapse of the euro system is entirely possible and could come within days. The choice of words suggests panic in Brussels and Berlin.
With the media machine in overdrive trying to demoralize the Hungarian people and Government it's up to us, the ordinary citizens to let the Magyar people know they have the support of the common people of Europe. Here follows a list of addresses for Hungarian embassies across Europe and the Anglosphere.

Far left Syriza splinter party opposes austerity

25 Syriza MPs broke off from Tsipras’ party after the leader’s traitorous bailout deal.

Catalonia’s Independence Movement Picking up Steam

On November 9th, the Catalonian regional parliament approved a plan to secede from Spain by 2017, which would put them in direct opposition to the central government.

Labour Seeking to Nationalise Industry….Again?

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Labour would nationalise industry again under his command.