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Every female F-35 pilot now gets a free case of quadriplegia

The head of NATO’s F-35 program has claimed the plane’s heavy helmet is causing spinal injuries to pilots weighing less than 61 kg(135 lbs). There is also a higher risk of injuries for those weighing less than 75 kg(165 lbs).

Belgian PM wants to reconsider the Schengen zone

Following last Tuesday’s attempted terrorist attack on a French train, Belgium’s PM Charles Michel has expressed his desire to see borders enforced again. Border controls in mainland Europe were removed thirty years ago.

The decay of Sweden’s military and its current sad state

Once protected by hundreds of thousands of conscripted units and armed with an ingenious mobile force, Sweden’s defence capabilities began to decline during the late 1980s. Now, the nation faces an immense dilemma: a weak army incapable of defending its homeland.

Oslo schools installing terror alarms

All schools in Oslo are soon to be equipped with alarms that alert all students and staff to a nearby terror incident. Hovseter School is one of the first to be implementing the method.
The failed attack is part of a growing trend of violent anti immigrant sentiment in Sweden.