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White Independence

For a moment this summer, it appeared that Greece had defeated the global Zionist-plutocracy. In a hotly contested vote in which the forces of finance capital intervened, patriotic Greeks overwhelmingly voted to reject more austerity.
Although for drastically different reasons than those on the right should have. While the Liberals are concerned about the consequences this has for these workers, this outsourcing of production has negative repercussions for our own countrymen at home.

When victimized 'victims' attack 'victims'

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters disrupted ‘Black Queers’ protest, which protested against 46th Chicago Gay Pride Parade. Yes, it really is grotesque.

Paradigm Shift- Transubstantism

It is respectfully suggested that a discussion of our cosmic origins demands a passionate, determined exploration of ultimate questions: Why are we here? Why does reality exist? Where did reality come from?
A recent shooting in the United States of America by an ethnic European against several ethnic Africans has got the Liberal media concerned over whether such actions represent a growing white supremacist movement, now devoid of borders as it spreads from country to country.