Frederique Pierce


A Canadian engineering student, and one who passionately believes in a Eurocentric world. Europe, my colonial father, has provided me with my values, my science, my language, and my culture, and for that, I embrace and thank them.

Title Created Date Hits
Serbian Prime Minister urges Germany to cut benefits to asylum seekers, but only those from the Western Balkans 25 August 2015 1026
Chunnel trespasser pleads not guilty 24 August 2015 753
Macedonian border blockade overrun days after being set up 23 August 2015 784
Various people watch intensely as North and South Korea wave missiles around 22 August 2015 940
Far left Syriza splinter party opposes austerity 21 August 2015 1195
Tsipras forced into election as his party turns against him 20 August 2015 807
Macedonia beefs up border security with Greece 20 August 2015 988
Russian dissident claims to have ‘uncovered’ Russian troll organisation 19 August 2015 4202
Red Cross teaching Hamas international law 19 August 2015 949
Baltic commercial aircraft pilots fired for nearly flying drunk 18 August 2015 671
Attempted arson attack on asylum centre where Swedish Ikea murderers were housed 16 August 2015 1158
Danish politicians mock Sweden’s introduction of dark plasters 15 August 2015 1367
Russia destroys food imported from Western Europe 14 August 2015 685
The new British vessel in the Mediterranean has not rescued a single boat migrant 13 August 2015 655
Anti abortion sentiment on the rise in the United Kingdom 12 August 2015 957
China’s efforts may not be enough to prevent the rise of Islam 11 August 2015 1345
European Commission approves €2.4 billion budget to tackle migration crisis 10 August 2015 870
Hungary races to complete its border fence under tighter and tighter deadlines as migrant numbers swell extraordinarily 09 August 2015 1211
Hungary opens arms to all ethnic Hungarians 08 August 2015 909
Far leftists from Britain are helping the Calais migrants make the crossing 07 August 2015 1042
Anjem Choudary finally arrested 06 August 2015 595
Campaign posters destroyed by angry far left civilians in Sweden 05 August 2015 3560
The Liberals are right in that we should be concerned over the huge quantity of goods produced in slave like conditions in third world countries 05 August 2015 941
Pakistan’s hand in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks confirmed by high ranking Pakistani official 04 August 2015 747
Intrusive Saudi visit to French beach cut short by upset locals 03 August 2015 439
Motivated largely by a recent Islamic State suicide bombing attack, Turkey begins a new air campaign against the insurgent faction, complicating their relationship with the Kurds 02 August 2015 588
Christians in Middle East being slaughtered out of existence 30 July 2015 804
New head of European Space Agency calls for permanent settlement on the Moon 16 July 2015 1382
Serbian Prime Minister attacked at memorial of Srebrenica massacre 14 July 2015 3910
24 hour strike leaves London’s tube network shut down amid ongoing struggle between unions and tube bosses. 13 July 2015 698
Ukrainians sue Kiev government en masse over human rights violations throughout the country 11 July 2015 664
Smuggled firearms becoming a growing problem in the UK 10 July 2015 939
German Ethics Council calls for end of prohibition to sibling incest 09 July 2015 1109
Jack Sen outlines many of the problems facing South Africa today 08 July 2015 971
New investigation reveals the eugenic practises of the State of Israel 07 July 2015 1114
Greek Finance Minister steps down 06 July 2015 871
NATO gears up for Cold War style arms race 05 July 2015 887
The UK should not go on accepting the EU as it is 02 July 2015 551
The LGBT agenda is not about redefining marriage, it’s about eradicating marriage altogether. 01 July 2015 978
Nasionaal Front, an Afrikaaner political force driving the charge for preserving the Afrikaaner and Boer peoples, just gained a new face in the United Kingdom 01 July 2015 850
Far left NDP in position to become next government of Canada 30 June 2015 803
The white apologism debate is ignited once again in the United States of America as a beloved American founding father is under fire for owning slaves 30 June 2015 507
Russia dropping hints that Putin may attend the next G7 summit 29 June 2015 963
According to the left, more and more violence by ethnic Europeans is racially fueled, and represents a sense of ‘white nationalism’ growing worldwide. 28 June 2015 1214
Many Africans are starting to want to bring European colonisation back, lamenting how much better their continent was under white rule 26 June 2015 3176
Illegal human trafficking rings left untouched by Swedish authorities 20 June 2015 630
Magnitude of unintegrated immigration in Europe resulting in segregation 19 June 2015 549
David Cameron’s flip flopping on the EU says a lot about his stance on the issue 12 June 2015 577
French immigrant demands benefits after child leaves to join Islamic State 11 June 2015 469
Liberal Media complains about effects of right wing bias 09 June 2015 1208
European Commission attacks Hungary for being too ‘dictatorship’ like 09 June 2015 594
David Cameron reconsiders as billions of pounds of foreign aid are lost in corruption every year 06 June 2015 500
Ukraine seeking further external help, says anti-Kiev hackers 05 June 2015 607
On the relationship between Europe and the Africans 04 June 2015 722
New York Times opinion piece calls for European open border policy for migrants 03 June 2015 994
Is there really a double standard when it comes to Free Speech? 02 June 2015 906
Racist Student Union Officer to keep position 02 June 2015 580
Saudi Arabia begins showing some symptoms of the decline into Liberalism 25 May 2015 667
The genocide of white South Africans is at a critical point 25 May 2015 1043
The Liberalist monopoly on Britain’s EU referendum 24 May 2015 537
What the Swedes think of their own immigration policy 23 May 2015 4645
Islamic State Jihadists receiving Welfare Cheques from Denmark 20 May 2015 624
Assange discusses the Origins of ISIS, Hamas, and Ukrainian Conflicts 19 May 2015 1019
French Mayor who spoke out against Islam forced into Psychiatric Hospital 18 May 2015 2881
How the Media conjured up a Ukip “Civil War” from thin Air 17 May 2015 1289
Goldsmiths University’s Welfare and Diversity Officer may lose Position after racist Remarks 17 May 2015 864
Stanford Psychologist: Destructive Effects of Pornography and Video Games addiction Leading to 'Masculinity Crisis' 17 May 2015 6287
Thunderstorm of Lefty Tears Set to Hit the United Kingdom 16 May 2015 753
European Union Proposes Controversial New System of Redistributing Migrants Equally Among Member States 15 May 2015 683
European Commission Resorts To Name Calling And Insulting Opposition To Its Refugee Quotas 14 May 2015 789
Father of Four Slits Throat of Wife Over Incorrect Accusations of Affair 11 May 2015 726
The British Election Results And What It Means For The United Kingdom 10 May 2015 567
Canadian House of Commons Passes Broad Reaching Surveillance Bill 07 May 2015 744
The Industrial Scale Rape of Young British Girls, And Its Cover Up By The Liberal Elite 05 May 2015 2948
Late French Architect Under Fire For Links To Fascism 01 May 2015 1891
UKIP’s Place In The European New Right 29 April 2015 1519
Further Arrests by French Police in Connection with Church Terror Plot 27 April 2015 631
Islamic State Declares Presence in Yemen 26 April 2015 687
IFS Suggests Labour Government Will Only Worsen British Economy 24 April 2015 601
East London Mayor guilty of election fraud 24 April 2015 694
The media’s struggle to keep UKIP out of Westminster 23 April 2015 1193