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Chinese stocks continue to Fall, World Follows

A rough Day for investors. China’s stock market a further 8% yesterday, leading to reactions across the globe. The Australian Dollar was a big loser, falling sharply against all currencies. Commodities also saw a fall in prices.

Amateur migrant crisis documentary goes viral

A new European nationalist documentary is becoming viral on YouTube with not just the nationalist-right community, but also popular and influential news blogs in Europe.

Paradigm Shift- Transubstantism

It is respectfully suggested that a discussion of our cosmic origins demands a passionate, determined exploration of ultimate questions: Why are we here? Why does reality exist? Where did reality come from?

Irish Gay marriage referendum appeal brought to Supreme court

The Supreme Court has received two applications for leave to appeal in the cases seeking to review the outcomes of the Marriage Equality referendum.

World sees effects of Greek default

Global stocks have fallen around 2% over the last week due to the eurozone instability. China’s Shanghai Composite was the biggest loser with a 5% loss in one day. Commodities such as gold, wheat and oil have also fallen around 4%

Campaign posters destroyed by angry far left civilians in Sweden

Campaign posters by the centrist Sweden Democrats party which described Sweden as a ‘mess’ were torn down by members of the public.

The Physically Healthy are Euthanised in BeNeLux

A 24-year-old Belgian woman who suffers from depression and has had a "death wish" since childhood has been granted the right to die  — even though she's not physically ill.

About The European Guardian

An unconventional war is being waged on the minds of the masses.  A strict code of thought control, benignly referred to as Political Correctness, has permeated almost every aspect of our society.  This code is enforced by intellectuals, academics, politicians, and special interest groups who benefit from silencing any resistance to their policies and agenda.
The Agency for Internet Studies hires people to post pro-Russian propaganda on the internet.
According to the NATO commander Hans-Lothar Domrose the exercise will be held under the artificial threat where muslim fundamentalist attack southern Europe.
According to recent survey for the large German newspaper DIE ZEIT, 60% of Germans distrust their media. This is of no surprise to those, who do not blindly follow news anchormen and anchorwomen, but also ask questions.

Czech Republic Prepared To Use Army To Repel Migrants

The Czech Republic has made the case that if the EU were to have a common army, it could better protect itself from the current ‘migrant’ invasion from Africa. Instead, they may be forced to use their own army to protect national interests.
Serbian Prime Minister Alexandar Vuvic was attending the twentieth anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, when he was attacked by an angry croud.

Europe - Youth - Reconquista!


Generation Identity

The denial of the European peoples' right to their own heritage, history and even their physical homelands has become part of the cultural fundament of the modern West.

The Channel Tunnel Reopens despite Fire, Locusts and Darkness

Striking ferry workers have set fire to tracks inside the Channel tunnel, as the chaos prompted illegal aliens to try to break into vehicles in a repeat of scenes that played out a week ago.

Censored Report Confirms 2011 West Midlands Rape Gang

West Midlands Police withheld a report warning that more than 100 predominantly white children – some only 13 years old – were at serious risk of child exploitation for fear it could inflame racial tension ahead of a General Election.

Italy to ask the EU to process immigrants in Libya

With thousands of immigrants arriving on the Mediterranean nation’s shores each week, Italy has been hit harder than most of Europe. However, PM Matteo Renzi has warned of a secret plan to “hurt” Europe if they do not support Italy in this crisis.

Indigenous White Nationalism Under Threat In Britain Today

Home Secretary of Britain vows to close down "nazis" and fascists in Britain:

What the Swedes think of their own immigration policy

In a country where criticising immigration policy is illegal, and the public is brainwashed by government propaganda to accept multiculturalism, what do the inhabitants really think about the racial diversity forced on them?