Indigenous White Nationalism Under Threat In Britain Today

Home Secretary of Britain vows to close down "nazis" and fascists in Britain:



“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own…” – Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles. 1942.



When an organism has been swamped by an alien organism and similar organisms to itself have been captured or enslaved to the purpose of the incoming and then resident threat, a threat which has gained control by a long process of insidious, determined ill-will towards and exploitation of the host, that organism will necessarily have a long struggle to overcome all the difficulties in finding it’s feet and reclaiming it’s place and it’s heritage from the invasive species which, howsoever small in comparison to it’s own and to it’s own chained brothers, is invasive, is parasitical, is struggling for ascendency, is fighting and scheming and using every available means to replace the original organism with itself and it’s clones.

What was a given; the original organism’s unchallenged place in an environment which shaped it and which it had shaped, has now been replaced by a Darwinian struggle to grow to become a stronger species to defeat the incomer and reclaim all it’s own fellow organisms who have succumbed to it’s control, or repulse other settler and colonist organisms which been imported to swamp it and extinguish it. Given the ferocity of this invasion the number of organisms surviving in the original form is very small and the task is very great.

Both religious and secular students of the Jews are clear that the Jew is only human in terms of a physical form and brain structure similar to our species, but beyond that the Jew is an alien life form; the ultimate parasite whether perceived to be so spiritually or biologically. In this way the Jew can be compared to some of the favourite legendary forms celebrated in Jewish culture; the zombie, the vampire, the undead. Adolf Hitler described the modern Pharisaic Jews, which had their transformation into aliens begun in ancient Babylon as biological parasites, while Jesus defined them as demonic spiritual entities and was absolutely clear that they were in fact the demons from hell taking human forms and coming to earth.

To recap, although inhabiting the human species and taking the human form, Jews have always been described as a parasites, that is that as long as any other strong group exists they will feast off and ultimately destroy it, and when they have consumed one civilization as they did the Roman empire or now Western civilization they then move onto the next prey which in today’s terms is China.

Ultimately the Jews having, as Mahatma Gandhi predicted, “destroyed humanity” they will then create the Jew World Order in which the Goyim (non-Jews or cattle) will be their slaves and all their lands and property will revert to the Jews as prophesied and demanded by the prophets and rabbis of Torah and Talmud.

Who are the Jews?

Jews have been expelled 109 times from 84 nations, many of which were unaware of each other’s existence and all of whom initially welcomed them since 240 AD. And in all cases the Jews have been expelled for the same crimes.

The truth is not taught in our history because the Jews control the teaching of history, they control who writes it and they own the publishers and bookshops who produce it. They also control education as well as economy, banking, government, media and entertainment. The truth is that when the Romans conquered Jerusalem they defeated the Jews of Moses; the Sadducees, and the Pharisees of the Babylonian Talmud then took over. Who are these modern Jews? In the biblical context according to Jesus in the New Testament most modern Jews are the sons of Lucifer and his fallen angels who have taken birth on earth. They are re-making the world in the image of their father Satan. Why have Hollywood Jews no fear of hell? Because they run hell, they push you into the fire. Their jealousy of humans is the main motivator of their hatred for God and the human race. Lucifer’s war with God was because he raised humans above angels like himself by giving humans the opportunity to merge in God and become God as in the case of Jesus. Their philosophy of hate has taken many forms from liberalism to Marxism, atheism, communism, libertarianism, libertinism and modern Judaeo-masonry.

Jewish philosophy is innately anti-human, anti-nature and anti-God. In religious terms it has it’s origin in Lucifer’s revolution against God and in fact Lucifer is regarded by Jews as the angel who liberated mankind from an enslavement to God and His morals, his creation of tribes, nations and races and most of all his strictures on sexual activity among humans. The Jew believes that gender and race are just constructs, that the food which nature created for us is merely a raw construct which can be remade and turned into something else. The Jew has no feeling for the animal species except as a source for his use and this has led to the most barbaric experiments being carried out as we speak in laboratories all across the Western world. The Jew sees the death of children in war as a sacrifice to their God which is why they are the greatest promoters of abortion and why major Jewish companies like Nestle use human foetus as particulates in food and cosmetics. Nothing is sacred to the Jew except Jews themselves.



Jesus on Jews:

John 8:44:”Ye (the modern Babylonian Pharisaic Jews who took power after the Jews of Moses the Sadducees were defeated by the Romans) are of your father the devil (these Jews including the Khazars are the children of Lucifer and his legions who have taken birth in the world alongside the children of God), and the lusts of your father ye will do (i.e. Hollywood and the Jewish pornography industry). He was a murderer from the beginning (i.e. Up to 100 million white Christian Slavs and Russians killed by Jewish Bolshevism and communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and millions of Germans even after the second world war from starvation, and all the wars they have started down the ages, backing and arming both sides both for profit and to weaken those civilizations), and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie (The Holohoax), he speaketh of his own (the Jews): for he is a liar, and the father of it.” – Jesus Christ.

Origins of British Nationalism:

And so to Britain today, just one ZOG or Zionist Occupied Governance state in a chain which includes all the Western white nations including North America and the Australias, all of whom are allowed to believe that they are different nations when in fact structurally and economically they are all mere shop-fronts in a group of McRothschild stores.
Modern British Nationalism, which had it’s roots in the invasions of the past and the many wars for territorial control among white tribes and on two occasions Jewish invasions hidden behind mercenaries like the Normans or the Cromwellian terrorists, first arose with Sir Oswald Mosley in the early part of the last century when the same process of Jewish takeover, facilitated most often by starting wars and backing both sides to enslave the rulers and monarchs to the Jewish moneylenders, and in particular the devastating first world war in which millions of whites died killed by their own brothers, had created a financial grab of assets and power across the lands of the allies most particularly Germany by Jewish finance.




The Jews had created trade unions in order to smash white industrial power, and the spread of communism from their revolution in Russia infested in particular Germany. In the midst of this cauldron of chaos a truly heroic and many believe saintly figure arose in the form of a great German thinker, philosopher, soldier and war hero by the name of Adolf Hitler.

Like many new British nationalists today the young Hitler had at first been unaware that the ‘Jews controlled the news’ and rather admired Jewish success, but as he spent more time in Vienna working hard and long shifts as a labourer on building sites in return for such a small pittance that he could only afford to live in a poor house, he begun to understand the plight of the poor and the source of German poverty and with his great mind he came to the same conclusions that many of the great men of history had come to about the Jews. The Jews in fact were the problem. Germany and Europe and America all had a ‘Jewish problem.’


225px bundesarchiv bild 183 s62600 adolf hitler1


Sir Oswald Mosley, a great British patriot and a man who felt deeply for the poor, watched as Jewish Bolsheviks arrived in the East End of London in droves, soaked in the blood of white genocides under the flag of Lenin in Poland and Eastern Europe, and had begun to use every possible means to destroy and supplant the indigenous people of the East End of London which their heirs and successors in councils and parliament have finally achieved today.



The Jews ruled by the most vicious criminal means imaginable. Jewish Crime bosses like the Kray brothers groomed and abducted white children for use as disposable sex-slaves for rich Jewish paedophiles, for as with religious Muslims today in places like Rotherham in the Muslim occupied statelets of Northern England, the Talmudic or Koranic idea that captive enemy children can be taken as sex-slaves is active and alive in a once Christian Western nation. A rootless nation, shorn of it’s Christianity and belief in God as a deliberate policy of the Jews through education and media.

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Unfortunately for Mosley who was thrown into prison, the traitorous elites, the Royal family, the aristocracy, the Judaeo-freemasons, the industrialist class were all in the pockets of the Jews, and the Royal family themselves in collusion with the Jews set up the Tavistock Institute, which though on the surface appeared to be led by supposedly patriotic aristocrats was in reality a traitorous think-tank (still open and functioning today) who’s intention was to initiate the brainwashing and mind-control of the British people, initially to prepare them for a great financial first and then second world war against Germany, but ultimately to find ways to permanently enslave their minds through entertainment and education.
beatles tavistock frankfurt school cultural marxism zionism




It was this institute that in the 1960’s gave us the cultural revolution and the Beatles, a pop group who corrupted white youth throughout the West with the cultural Marxism of the Jewish Frankfurt School of 1930’s Germany (still functioning today), which had been set up with the explicit intent of destroying Western civilisation, and honing to perfection the task of genociding the white race by any and every means. Jewish television shows like Coronation Street, East Enders or Britain’s Got Talent are all children of the Tavistock Institute program.



The most significant nationalist movement since Sir Oswald was the National Front which mounted a Titanic battle with the Regime to bring about a British government for the British people. Their hopes were dashed however when one of British history’s greatest traitors Margaret Thatcher, MP for the Jewish enclave of Golders Green, lied to the television cameras that she would stop the mass non-white immigration into Britain which had been commenced by the Marxist Labour leader Clement Atlee after the second world war.


National Front:

Thatcher increased mass immigration and it has continued unabated under succeeding prime ministers until today it threatens the very nature of Britain and the extinction of it’s indigenous people. The majority of young boys born in modern Britain are Muslims, the very religion which the ruling Jewish financial class wants to replace the British working and lower-middle class with, while the Hindus and Sikhs are to be raised to the higher, mainly Norman middle-class, above the largely Anglo-Saxon-Celtic indigenous peoples. All of these colonising intruders working hand in hand with the Jews and their puppet elites towards that goal.

fotoflexfinier photo


For decades since the fall of the National Front dozens of nationalist parties most notably the British National Party, now only a powerless Jew-infested shadow of itself, were taken in by the lie that democracy was British and that they could achieve power through a system which had in fact been created by the Jews through their puppet Cromwell who brought them back into England after the great English Patriot Richard I had thrown them out for their heinous crimes. These pacifist parties like the modern National Front, like the English Democrats have proved to be total failures in accomplishing the task of taking Britain back from the occupiers, expelling their third world imports and crushing the monarchy and the aristocratic elites who form the regime which is oppressing and exterminating the British people.

The problem has always been that once you start playing the enemy’s game you will always lose. The BNP under Nick Griffin tried to make peace with the Jews but the Jews made it absolutely clear that nothing short of the total destruction of nationalism, of the concept of whiteness, Englishness or identity with a great past would suit them, but the BNP remain steadfastly blind to receiving that message, possibly because it is now led by an intellectual inadequate and or as many believe deeply penetrated and controlled by the security services.

With the collapse of the BNP arose the fraudulent United Kingdom Independence party which accepts white genocide but wants Britain out of Europe and wants multiracial Britain to be somehow British in the face of all evidence that this would never happen. UKIP was smashed in a Jewsmedia blitz of defamation and psychological terror in the 2015 British general election, and it is downhill for them from now on because they are essentially bonded to the regime and are composed of cowards who would rather Britain die than be called a racist or antisemitic.

The most significant figure in nationalism today is not British at all but a Finnish academic by the name of Kai Murros who is affectionately known to European nationalists as professor Murros, even though his university will not allow him to teach and would certainly not confer any title upon him. In Britain he would have been kicked out of academe but Finland is a small country which has not yet experienced the high level of immigration that it’s near neighbour Sweden has.

Yes, there is an argument for peaceful progress towards national socialism by National Action but this not in conflict with the ultimate revolutionary ideal which will become violent when the conditions arise where chaos naturally occurs as a result of the failure of liberalism to provide for it’s populations who will then turn to revolt and in the case of Muslims and blacks murder, rioting and crime against white people to which we will respond.

Murros is the philosopher of the coming trans-European white revolution and the most respected figure among radical nationalists today.

We can practically discount all the nationalist parties in Britain today whose only useful function is to talk to a small number of people on doorsteps, keep a flame of nationalism alive, mount the odd protest against Muslim paedophiles or other issues but play no part in any serious effort to take back their country. These parties are democratic.

Hope now is vested in a younger generation of avowed national socialists and proud fascists who have no connection to the neo-Nazi pop movements of the past, many of whose followers believed in the Holohoax and that Adolf Hitler was evil and simply found that genre to be a way of being outcasts from a society which they hated and which hated them.

The three most significant events in nationalism today were the brief rise of Joshua Bonehill who confronted the Jews head on in Stamford Hill, Craig Fraser who formed Sigurd, the basis for a new National Socialist youth:

..and National Action which remarkably came out of the universities and colleges and is an experimental workshop seeking a way forward for a new age of revolutionary nationalism and national socialism. A leaderless group which seeks to form templates which can bond with similarly tasked movements across Europe. National Action is indeed vital to any future success for our people and it’s importance as an academic hub that will draw in intellectuals from academe cannot be underestimated. It is currently under massive pressure from the regime to stamp it out and it’s ability to show bravery and a spirit of survival will test it and find it worthy or unworthy to continue be the main flag bearer for the liberation of the British people:

With the people fooled by media threats of a hung parliament that would disrupt their jobs, a confused and terrified nation voted en masse for David Cameron’s increasingly Stalinist Conservative party. As a result of this herding of the sheeple by the Jewsmedia we now face unprecedented Soviet-style legislation to supress the masses. It remains to be seen how long our nationalist groups will be able to operate openly or whether websites like endzog will suddenly disappear as a request to our provider by the Stasi to close us down.

Yet beneath the weight of the increase in state repression the most important development in modern British nationalism is the increasing awareness, especially by the very young in our movement, that we will only take our white lands back and ensure our children’s future by eventual brute force, and by total, sheer, absolute, merciless violence against the Jews and their Marxist, liberal and aristocratic underlings. And we can only achieve that through a trans-European white war. There is no time in nationalism anymore for cowards who have been brainwashed from birth by the regime to be pacifists and collaborators. And there is certainly no time for pansy identitarians who want white people to be recognized within the Cultural Marxist paradigm as victims who need to be accorded losers rights. Our right is to the lands our forefathers have tended and shed blood for since before the Ice Age which we survived, as we survived the tribal struggles, the invasions and the many Jewish instigated wars of the past. We want our countries, our race, our indigenous cultures, our civilisation back, and there will be no compromises in achieving that task!


However, even as the people awake The ZOG Regime is itself awakening to the threat of an uprising by the indigenous masses by bringing in repressive legislation to stamp hard on anyone resisting the occupation of Britain by international Jewish finance and it’s cultural Marxist state:



The argument for this dictatorial legislation is that it deals with Islamic extremism. In fact Islamic extremism in Britain is a security services fostered mirage. There has not been one single attack by Muslims on the British state in history. While thousands of white girls have been raped, enslaved tortured and abused and numerous white people have been murdered by Muslims, yet not one single Jew has been killed nor one single Jewish girl or woman raped. The two attacks which did occur were terrorist acts of violence against the British people themselves by agents of the security services. Most notably the 7/7 bus bombing which conveniently occurred outside the Tavistock Institute.


“Plans for a new Counter-Extremism Bill will be top of the agenda today at the first meeting of the new National Security Council (NSC), chaired by the Prime Minister in Downing Street."

Putting British (Jewish) values at the heart of the new government’s approach to tackling extremism, the PM will set out his intention to prioritise new legislation to make it much harder for people to promote dangerous extremist views in ‘our’ (owned by the regime) communities. The legislative measures are part of a wider package, announced by the Home Secretary in March, which will be the foundation of this government’s new partnership approach bringing communities together to defeat extremism and create a better, more secure future for the whole country.


mjf logo


Cameron Stated:

“We must say to our citizens: this is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe in these things. And it means confronting head-on the poisonous Islamist extremist ideology. Whether they are violent in their means or not, we must make it impossible for the extremists to succeed. For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance."

Welcome to the gulags, the Jewish big-nose inspects:

This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach. As the party of one nation, we will govern as one nation, and bring our country together. That means actively promoting certain values. Freedom of speech (by taking away freedom of speech). Freedom of worship (which already exists). Democracy (the current dictatorship). The rule of law (The Jewish laws of the Jewish Marxist Jewdiciary). Equal rights regardless of race (excluding the white race), gender or sexuality.

The twisted narrative of extremism (the rights of indigenous people not to be genocided and to possess their own lands, culture and history) cannot be ignored or wished away.



This government will challenge those who seek to spread hatred and intolerance by forming a new partnership of every single person (total Big Brother surveillance and totalitarianism of the individual person) and organisation (illegal Jewish and Muslim Shomrim police forces and Leninist organisations like Hope Not Hate and the UAF) in this country who want to defeat the extremists.

We will introduce legislation to combat groups and individuals who reject our values and promote messages of hate. We will empower institutions to stand up against the extremists and challenge bigotry and ignorance. And we will support those who are fighting back against extremism online.


fotolastflexer photo

United by our values and the basic principles of our society we are determined to defeat extremism in all its forms.

  • introducing Banning Orders for extremist organisations who seek to undermine democracy (all nationalist and national socialist groups and parties apart from the officially sanctioned registered democratic parties and security services fronts) or use hate speech in public places, but fall short of proscription (i.e. street preachers, protestors against immigration or criminal activity of non-white groups such as Muslims, Jews and blacks).
  • new Extremism Disruption Orders to restrict people who seek to radicalise young people, (nationalist youth groups).
  • powers to close premises where extremists seek to influence others. (any public house or hotel which hosts a New Right or Nationalist party event will be forcibly closed down and the owner lose their business).
  • a strengthened role for Ofcom to take action against channels which broadcast extremist content, (the possibility that Internet radi0 from the USA will have their shows blocked from British audiences by internet providers.”

Hail Victory!


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Latest Political Development:

U.K. Labour Contest to Choose Between First Black, Female Leader


“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own…”
– Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles. 1942.
british nationalism


Note: We had just completed this article when the news arrived of David Cameron’s Soviet-style plans forcing us to alter the title. They are written about towards the end of this post.


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