The Channel Tunnel Reopens despite Fire, Locusts and Darkness

Calais fire


Striking ferry workers have set fire to tracks inside the Channel tunnel, as the chaos prompted illegal aliens to try to break into vehicles in a repeat of scenes that played out a week ago.


A Eurotunnel spokesman estimated that 30-50 protesters had caused damage, describing the union’s actions as “deplorable”. “They have been taken away by the police and we will be pressing charges against them for criminal and civil damage, and putting people’s live in danger from their actions,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the hottest day of the year, angry travellers were reduced to waiting in the sticky, crowded ticket hall at St. Pancras in London for news on the channel’s reopening

The industrial action is expected to last until Thursday, and even before the tunnel closed there were chaotic scenes at both ends, with Kent police running Operation Stack, which involved the closure of the M20 coastbound between junctions 8 and 9, in a desperate attempt to avoid gridlock across the county’s road network.


Crossings to Dunkirk and other French ports continued as normal, however French workers on the Calais ferry are protesting plans by Eurotunnel to sell two of their cross-channel ferries to rival Danish firm DFDS and the consequent job losses.

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